Songs For // October

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Even though I was enjoying the spoopy tunes as much as the next person. I did find some new tracks to add to my playlists. Here are the songs that have been accompanying my autumnal walks this October:



My break-up-bae Banks is back and this song is a catchy lil' snippet of what her new album will be like and I am hyped for it if the songs are anything like this one. It has the classic elctro-pop vibes of songs from The Altar but a heavier undertone which makes Bank's vocals sound even more badass, oh and a bit of barking. 

Sam Smith has featured quite a lot on my blog recently, but I can't help being excited for his new album's direction. As I'm writing this now, the whole album has been released and I have listened to it about 20 times, but I'm keen to do a full review, so you'll have to wait for that one. All I'm going to say is prepare to feel something for every song and that gospel hits you hard man, have tissues close at hand. 

This month I watched Jools Holland with my mum because my dad Morrissey was on, but I discovered a band I hadn't heard of before. I immediately was attracted to the 80's-indie-style riff and the droney, all too similar vocals. Day I Die is a great song to dance around in your bedroom to and I am now a new-found The National fan, bit too late to the game but oh well. 

My favourite group of Irish lads Kodaline are back and after their first heart wrenching album it must have been a hard task to write this EP. They have a very different sound now, which I'm not too keen on, with more dancey numbers. But, nestled under all that noise is this beautiful and incredibly humble track. Taking them back to their Irish routes I Wouldn't Be is an almost all acapella song with the closest harmonies known to man. This song caught me completely off guard and sent shivers down my spine and tears to my eyes. I'm a low-key fan of folk music and seeing Kodaline move once again closer to that kind of sound makes me all kinds of happy, much more than this clubland-pop kind of style they're aiming for right now. 

I'm sure I've talked about Tom Walker on here before, but his new single Leave the Light On had to get a mention because I haven't stopped playing it all month. His harsh, gravelly voice is balanced wonderfully with the very catchy keyboard riff of the chorus and the lyrics tell a beautiful story. I'm really excited for what Tom does in the future. 

Everyone's fave musical-big sister is back and even though I was a little disappointed with her new album; Jessie Ware's voice is still one of my faves. Alone is crazily catchy and builds so beautifully into this almost anthemic sound with amazing vocals. A great song for driving in the car with the windows down -even though you might freeze because y'know, it's October- 

Another Jools Holland discovery is Khalid. I immediately found myself singing this tune after only one run through of the chorus, that's when you know it's catchy. This song is both relatable and incredibly clever, with simple but very deep lyrics and after hearing this one song I listened to Khalid's new album and wasn't disappointed, he's now one of my favourite new artists. 'Ya da da da daa' 

Hippo Campus' new single has been released too late in my opinion, because this track would have been perfect for summer. I can imagine myself sitting in the middle of a field at a music festival watching the sunset when I listen to this song and that makes me kind of sad those times have gone, but there's always next year. It doesn't stop me having a bop to it in the shower though.

I've had a very Demi Lovato based month and I'm not at all complaining. I listened to her new album all in one go in the bath and was once again astonished at her vocal range, I listen to her a lot but I always forget just how out-of-this-world her voice is. I then watched her new documentary on Youtube which shows some of the making of this album and some of the live takes of her recording this particular track, mesmerising.

What have you been listening to this October?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 13 November 2017

Hello pals! This week has been filled with catch ups and piss ups and I'm tired and sore but it's been one of the best weeks for a while and I am so thankful for my friends, old and new. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:


I love birthdays when they're not my own. It gives me an excuse to spoil the people I love most in the world. This month it was my best friend Emily's birthday and I moved into her house for a few days to celebrate. We watched almost a whole season of Peaky Blinders (getting ready for s4) and ate Chinese food. Our friend Jack came all the way up from Oxford to see us and we spent the weekend sitting in traditional pubs, eating chips and exploring the harbour-side and the beach. It was a great few days and if there's one way to ground you in a bad bout of mental health, it's being by the sea with the people that matter most. It was also the last weekend before starting my job so I had to treasure the laziness and relaxation while I could. I hope Em had an amazing birthday, I always try and make it special because she's my number 1, 'yeah that's good then pal'. 

Non-Fiction Again_____________________________________________________________

I recently finished the charming 'A God in Ruins' finally -review to come soon- and after scouring the charity shops I found the famous 'The Psychopath Test' by Jon Ronson. People have been telling me to read this book since starting my degree and I don't really know why I hadn't, it's basically like a whole module of my course and it's been a great way of getting back into reading for knowledge and not just for entertainment. Because I had to read up to 50 books for my dissertation; some back-to-back everyday, it kind of put me off reading for a while. The only books I would be able to read was YA fiction and NME magazine. But now after a break, I think I'm ready to learn new things again and although this book does contain a lot of things I've already learned in lectures, it is still interesting to think in this way again and consume all this knowledge. My knowledge sponge is ready to absorb again and I'm really enjoying Jon Ronson's writing, it's so similar to his hypnotising Ted Talks, such a cool guy. I'm excited to be learning about the things I'm passionate about again, let the knowledge sponge journey commence (ew).  

How was your Monday?

Treasure Hunt | October

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I've been trying a few new things this month. Here are the treasures I have collected this October:

Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner Combo | Vanilla & Passionflower_________________

I cut my hair this month and after being informed by my hairdresser that it would get greasy faster, I decided to stock up on dry shampoo. Then I saw this in my local Superdrug and after picking my desired scent (there are three to choose from) I decided to give it a go. She was right, my hair used to be able to go through a whole week without a wash, but now it starts getting greasy by Wednesday which is a new experience for me altogether -greasy hair feels weirdd- This stuff works exactly like dry shampoo and to be honest I don't really notice the difference of the conditioner aspect. I essentially bought it for the scent, it's so unusual and overpowering for a dry shampoo, but it's so bloody nice. The smell stays in your hair until you wash it again as well and you only need a little bit applied to your whole head to give your hair volume again. I request for this scent to be made into a perfume pretty please! 

Cereria Molla Black Vanilla Scented Soy Candle _______________________________________

I picked this up in TK Maxx when I noticed they had all their festive candles laid out. TK Maxx is definitely the best place for candles, especially soy candles and they're not expensive at all. I'm not normally keen on vanilla scents but this is much more musky than the usual sickly, sweet smell. It also is a really slow burner and fills the whole room with a warm, wintery scent, perfect for the cosy nights and fairy lights aesthetic. 

Magic Organic Apothecary | The Green Balm __________________________________________

This wondrous balm came to me by chance whilst shopping with my mum. We headed to one of my favourite shops in Cumbria; a tiny shop called The Linden Tree which sells jewellery and cute things. This was on a little table with other MOA products and I was drawn to the beautiful packaging. I'd never heard of this brand before but they are 100% organic and cruelty free, I asked the lady that ran the shop and she told me the company was created by a woman in Norfolk and now they have their own store in London, good going! The products are based around one main ingredient; yarrow which apparently helps heal and soothe, among other things. I bought this because I am still covered in scars from my adventures in Sicily and I'm hoping the magical yarrow makes it disappear 'abracadabra', it has already made a difference in a month and it leaves my skin feeling ultra soft and the smell is so calming. I'll definitely be buying more from this brand in the future. 

Moon Necklace____________________________________________________________________

Got to stay on brand haven't I! I bought this b e a u t i f u l necklace in a charity shop for just £2! I saw it in the window and just knew it was meant for me, I've been wearing it nearly everyday this month and it brings me a lot of comfort and happiness knowing the moon is close to me. 

Pentel Brush Ink Pen & White Gel Pen _______________________________________________

This month got me back into drawing again and I watched a lot of illustrators on Youtube that use these pens to get the best from their technique. I love drawing in detail and these pens still allow me to do that, but add something else to my drawings and I've been having such fun experimenting with them in my lil' sketchbook. 

Yoga Mat & Yoga with Adriene _____________________________________________________

This month I started and completed the 30 Day Yoga Challenge on Yoga with Adriene's channel. Yoga has definitely allowed me to tackle my anxiety and give me motivation this month. I tend to do a half hour session every morning before breakfast and I can't tell you how good it feels to get back on the mat again, especially when I have a brand spanking new mat. This 'sunset' mat from Amazon is beautiful and the colours are very calming, it grips well and isn't too heavy to carry around. You don't have to have a mat to do yoga, but it does help with the motivation and some of the trickier poses. I'm about to start The Yoga Camp on Adriene's channel as well, hopefully I'll be able to stand on my head by December! 

The End Of The Fucking World _____________________________________________________

I watched the first episode of this on channel 4 and then proceeded to binge watch the rest straight after. It's a really clever and creative program, taking inspiration from Submarine and and all Wes Anderson films. I love the aesthetic of it and the comedy. The plot revolves around two wayward teens who decide to go on a very irrational and riot fuelled roadtrip. It's soo good and you can watch it all on All4 for freee!

Stranger Things __________________________________________________________________

I know I've already mentioned it but I'll keep it brief. This show man, there's nothing else like it, it's a cut above the rest and I'm so happy it exists. That's all I'll say, I can't believe I have to wait until next Halloween to get my ST fix again. #SteveHarringtonMotherOf6 

What's your favourite treasure from this month? 


A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 6 November 2017

Hello pals! It's been a weird week this week. My friends and I are blaming it on this darn Scorpio moon, everything feels strange and out of alignment and I'm not a fan. Hopefully things will change soon. This week has been filled with re-runs of My Mad Fat Diary and trying to cope with this cabin fever that is slowly taking over my life; I start my new job soon though so it'll be fine. Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

Stranger Things II_________________________________________________________________

Like everyone and their cats I have been enjoying back-to-back Stranger Things this week and I finished it in three days after beginning it with style with friends and hummus on actual Halloween. I am now suffering from extreme Steve Harrington withdrawals. All I'm going to say is that character development was top notch, also the whole show was 10/10 absolutely amazing and the soundtrack man, it's just an all round great show. It gives me enough jump scares to feel on edge but also warms my heart with the character relationships and so much style inspiration, so much. 

Halloween Costume________________________________________________________________

This year I decided to go as my spirit animal; a deer. I had so much fun with this costume and the makeup was particularly amusing, I looked like I had been down a chimney until I added the details! I'm still trying to get the skin tone of my shoulders back to normal, I can only imagine that this is what fake tan feels like. Halloween in general was weird because I was back in my old student haunts but I'm not a student anymore and all my student fam weren't there. Still had a good dance to Ru Paul though, you've got to. 

Taylor Swift | The Making of Gorgeous _______________________________________________

As a person that writes a lot of songs and is always trying to improve them, a little sneak into one of my favourite and most successful song writer's process was really interesting. I've always been a fan of Taylor's song structure and seeing her move from one instrument to the next, sticking to the same structure was really inspirational. I also love how down-to-earth the clips are and that it literally takes her days to perfect a song and she's not this magical song-writing unicorn that can write a number 1 in seconds, which I thought she was and that I could never be. So thanks Tay Tay for that little bit of insight. 

How was your Monday?


On Being a Night Owl

Saturday, 4 November 2017

I've always had a strange relationship with sleep. When I was a kid I would patter down the stairs multiple times a night to find another form of stimulus because I couldn't sleep, it took me hours, literal hours. 

And nothing much has changed to be honest. When I was in school the early mornings were a huge problem for me because I had been going to bed really late the night before. When I was doing my GCSE's and Alevels I was revising well into the night and I have a feeling that my sleep patterns back then took a huge effect on my exams. When I moved to Uni I had no sleep schedule, literally none, but for some reason I felt more awake in lectures, I was getting loads of work done at three in the morning; more than three in the afternoon and I always felt the most productive past midnight. 

My family are the same. We're all night owls, I didn't realise how unusual feeling productive at night was until I started talking to my friends about it. They had scheduled bedtimes at about ten and woke up at seven or eight the next day, whereas I was staying up until three and waking up at ten. It was quite frustrating, especially in relationships, but I know that people can't help their sleeping habits, just like I can't help mine. 

What I've found is that if I go to bed at two and wake up at half nine, that's the best amount of sleep for me to feel great. Too much or too little and I find myself feeling like a zombie all day it's so strange. I researched this and asked a few of my psychology lecturers and it seems to be that people who are more creative appear to have more problems with sleep. This is due to an overactive mind and creative stimulus. I don't know how true this is and it probably contains a lot of limitations, but from my experience I think that it has truths to it. I always find myself with ideas just when I'm meant to be settling down. Every song I've written so far was created at three or four in the morning, it's just how I operate. 

There's this stigma around night owls I've found. That early birds or 'morning pigeons' -as I like to call them- are much more productive because they can get up at five or six and have their to-do list done by lunchtime. Especially on social media, people strive for that kind of lifestyle and for night owls like me it just seems impossible. I've tried to be a morning pigeon, throughout every year of Uni I had this supposed epiphany that if I got up earlier I'd be able to get more done. But then I wouldn't be able to sleep that night and end up back to square one. I would feel inadequate that I couldn't fit into this magical lifestyle, until I realised I don't have to and I found my perfect sleeping pattern. 

Sleep is a weird thing and it works differently for everyone. If you're a night owl or a morning pigeon it doesn't matter as long as you fit your productivity around that. I don't care that I probably wake up later than all my friends and it takes me longer to get going in the morning because you should see me at night. I think being an evening person is built into my personality and I now know that I can't change that right now, but maybe I'll grow out of it. Maybe I'll get a career that requires me to get up early and I'll find out that I can actually function at five am, things change, but sleeping schedules don't have to. 

I would love to know if you too are a night owl or one of those magical, mystical morning pigeons and how it effects your productivity. I'm currently writing this at 2am, I told you so. 


Teeny Tiny Film Reviews | Part 1

Friday, 3 November 2017

I've recently been able to download Netflix onto my ancient Xbox 360, which means I can watch films on an actual telly again, it's great. I've been putting a lot of films on in the background recently whilst doing other things and I have a racked up a plentiful amount of films to talk about. I also have been going to the cinema rather a lot as well so here is part one of a  mixture of old and new teeny tiny film reviews:

Captain Fantastic__________________________________________________________________

"The powerful control the lives of the powerless. That's the way the world works. It's unjust and it's unfair. But that's just too damn bad. We have to shut up and accept it. Well, fuck that!"

- wholesome, feelgood & thoughtful

☽ - 9 moons 

Eye in the Sky_____________________________________________________________________

"Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war."

- tense, questioning morality & shows a modern,voyeuristic society

☽ - 8 moons

A Cure for Wellness________________________________________________________________

"Do you know what the cure for the human condition is? Disease. Because that's the only way one could hope for a cure."

- Unsettling, beautiful cinematography, elongated ending

 - 6 moons

The Sweet Life____________________________________________________________________

"Not having sex with you was the best sex I've ever had."

- try-hard, funny in places but mostly missed humour

☽ - 3 moons

Wonder Woman___________________________________________________________________

"I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves."

- ultimately feminist, refreshing but still too action packed

☽ - 8 moons

War Machine__________________________________________________________________

"Ah, America. You beacon of composure and proportionate response, you bringer of calm and goodness to the world... What do you do when the war you're fighting just can't possibly be won in any meaningful sense?"

- jilted script, obvious humour & hyped-masculinity 

☽ - 2 moons


"I admire your conviction, Silver, but your pallid complexion concerns me."

- harrowing, thought provoking, a clever & accurate reflection of the meat industry & desensitisation in humans

☽ - 10 moons

Spiderman Homecoming ________________________________________________________

"If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it."

- enjoyable, youthful & still nostalgic

☽ - 9 moons

So that's the first part of this extensive list of films I have watched recently, I told you it was a real mixture and part 2 is even more of a conglomoration. I thought I had quite specific film taste, maybe not. Have you watched any of these films?
What films have you been loving?