A Not So Blue Monday

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hello pals! Nah it's not Monday, but I still had an exciting week and I'm currently doing some productive procrastination in writing this post instead of doing my disseratation wooo hoo! Here are things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Dog Instagrams____________________________________________________________________

I read this post from the lovely Hannah and started following a shit tonne of dog instas afterwards. These two are still my favourite though and they have the best aesthetic, they're dogs for goodness sake; how can they have a better aesthetic than any other minimalist/blogger human bean?! But yeah, I've found that dog insta accounts make me tremendously happy and that's all you want in life right? And they are actually quite motivating in a strange way, if dogs with a great aesthetic can succeed in life so can you!

Seed Swap Saturday _______________________________________________________________

I went home this weekend to help with my friend Stevie and HCF's  event. It was a seed swap which means people come and bring seeds and swap them for other seeds, riveting I know. But it was so nice to see so many people with the same interests at one event, we also gave them cake and the sun was out so it couldn't have gone better. I felt strange all day though, there are a lot of memories at that place and I didn't think it would effect me too much because I know I'm going to be making more this summer but I felt a bit floaty and weird all day so when everyone had gone we drank prosecco and watched the sunset  wrapped in a blanket and had some well needed deep chats, it was bliss. 

Casio Keyboards___________________________________________________________________

So whilst I was at home I found a power cable for my old shitty Casio keyboard, I was wanting to buy a new keyboard but they are expensive and my skills are a bit rusty so I thought I would take this creaky, dusty thing back with me instead. It's like a proper 90's one with DJ on it and the lot, but it still works a treat and I am currently learning the La La Land melody, badly I might add. 

Listening to // Frances - Things I've Never Said ________________________________________

I think I've mentioned Frances on here before but her new album recently came out and it's so good! The piano balads are beautiful and so catchy and her lyrics are so simple and meanigful. My favourite songs at the moment are Sublime, Drifting and Last Word. We also look like we could be sisters, like a lot, maybe she is, nah she's too talented...mum? 

How was your Monday?

Teeny Tiny TV Reviews

Thursday, 23 March 2017

This is a little follow up from my Tiny Little Film Reviews series because I have consumed an awful lot of TV over the past months and I have a lot of opinions. Also I've made a big move, the biggest move a person can make without moving house; I've switched to Amazon Prime! I'd watched everything I wanted to on Netflix and like everything in my life right now, it was time for a change (that was too deep, soz). Lets review some TV shows in a teeny tiny way shall we:

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency ______________________________________________

"I mainly attract people in positions of absolute hopelessness so I think you fit into that quite nicely. No offense."
                                                                                -Wacky, quirky & Dirky.
☽ - 6 moons 


 "People make mistakes.That's why they put rubbers at the end of pencils."

                                                                              - Perfectly flawed, sidesplitting, realistic. 
☽ - 9 moons

Freaks & Geeks ___________________________________________________________________

 "No. No, you're not a loser, cause you have sex. But, if you weren't having sex, we could definitely debate the issue."
                                                                              - Coming of age, awkward, cool. 

☽ - 10 moons


"I’ll remember you as the sturdy love-maker with a massive chin who was really kind to waiters and taxi drivers, which suggests that you might actually be a good person.”
                                                                                 - Hilarious, relatable, crude.
☽ - 7 moons

Black Mirror ___________________________________________________________________

"It's like 911's happened, and we're broadcasting sandwich recipes."

                                                                                - Terrifying most of the time, satirical, questionning

☽ - 10 moons 

The OA __________________________________________________________________________

"But the biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I'd catch only beautiful things."

                                                                               - Ethereal, perplexing, science meets religion. 
☽ - 6 moons 

Red Oaks_________________________________________________________________________

"You've got your whole life to make good decisions"

                                                                             - Modern 80's, dreamy, heart warming. 

☽ - 8 moons 

Series of Unfortunate Events ________________________________________________________

"And if you jump for joy, you have a very good chance of experiencing a painful bump on the head, unless you make sure you are standing someplace with very high ceilings, which joyous people rarely do."

                                                                                - Like Tim Burton and Wes Anderson had a baby,                                                                                     odd and macabre. 
☽ - 9 moons 

The Man in the High Castle _________________________________________________________

"It shows us winning the war. But we didn't win the war. That's what they told us.!

                                                                               - Great concept, slow plotline, great fashion. 

☽ - 5 moons 

I watch quite a lot of TV actually, probably when I should be studying. Oh well I regret nothing I loved waching these shows. I hope you enojyed these teeny tiny reviews. 
What TV shows have you been loving?

A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hello pals! It's been another busy ol' week for little ol' me, but it's been mostly positive and productive so I couldn't ask for more really. Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

Zine Making ______________________________________________________________________

On Wednesday our collabrative creative group Hayton Castle Fields launched our first zine making workshop and it was a success! We went to a local secondary school to work with the kids who are interested in the project and want to be part of the zine. I was photography assistant for the day and helped lead a workshop with David a very talented London based photographer who you must check out because his work is amazing and much profesh'. We taught the kids how to work a disposable camera and gave them the oppurtunity to take photos that could be added to the zine. I'm so passionate about this project because it is such an exciting oppurtunity for people, especially in a place like Cumbria which couldn't be further away from London and sometimes (talking from experience) can feel completely out of the oppurtunity loop. They are getting the chance to work with people who have been in journalism and publishing for years and I am so excitied to see what happens with this project. If you reside or live near Cumbria and are interested in this project, we are holding more community workshops and we need all the creativity we can get, keep checking our Facebook to see where we will pop up next, exciting!


On Tuesday I tried my hand at homemade vegan KFC and it actually went well. I followed this recipe  from one of my favourite foody youtubers but didn't have a deep fat fryer so used a shit tonne of oil and a wok (so healthy). I also added lots of paprika and tobasco to the batter mix and it gave it a wonderful smokey flavour 10/10 would make a again. 

Everything Everything______________________________________________________________

During this week I haven't had a lot of sleep and one particular night I just couldn't drift off so decided to read the rest of this book and I finished it all, which is a big deal for me because it takes me an age to read books. I fell in love with this book although the ending was a bit of a let down but I thought the storyline was very unusual and different and it fulfilled my current love for YA right now. I'm also very excited to see the film later this year, I'm sure a full review will arrive soon, maybe when I have more time. 

Bash Harry_______________________________________________________________________

A blogger and vlogger I found this week after she commented on one of my blog posts (squeals a little). I immediately fell in love with her aesthetic and watched all her Youtube videos in one day (no seriously) she is a lovely human and her videos are postive and did I mention she's bloody amazing at makeup and her makeup tutorials are some of my favourite on youtube. Ahh she's just great, also her most recent video on love made me cry but in a good way and really touched a nerve and just the way she says words is inspiring you know.  Bash be my friend pls and thanks for being a wonderful human I have gained a new favourite creator!

Finished Transcriptions_____________________________________________________________

When you do psychology at Uni you can do something called an Interperative Phenomenological Analysis (or an IPA for short) for your dissertation which includes interviewing people and then transcribing EVERYTHING they say onto a horrible document table thing with numbered lines and it is LITERALLY HELL ON EARTH because 10 minuets of someone talking amounts to 2 hours of transcriptions and one of my interviews was 3 HOURS LONG and took me 2 WEEKS to transcribe. I'll stop writing in caps now I'm sorry, all I'm trying to say is that transcriptions are hard work not because they require thinking but they are just so mundane and take so long. But I have now finished my last transcription and I actually shed a tear of joy knowing I never have to transcribe an interview ever again, oh my.

Listening to // Pixie Geldoff - I'm Yours _______________________________________________

I read a review of this album in NME and then forgot to listen to it, until this week. It's so floaty and etheral and has huge Lana vibes and I just love the style. My favourite songs are currently I'm Yours, Twin Thing and Wild Things Grow but the whole album is wonderful. A great bath album I kid you not!

How was your Monday?

Productive Procrastination

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I think this is going to be one of those stream-of-conciousness blog posts, so I apologise now in advance. You probably already know this because I don't shut up about it, but I'm currently writing my disseratation at Univeristy and I've discovered something about me that is slightly problematic and slightly not at the same time; bare with me. 

I've found that in the past I am pretty good at getting shit done. Be it deadlines, housework, nagging tasks that need my attention. I am a very organised person at heart, I love my lists and time my every move by the hour on the clock. But whilst doing this huge task I found that I have become the queen of productive procrastination. What I mean by this is that I will find anything to do, other than the thing I am supposed to be doing. But it won't be something that wastes my time, it will be something that I see to be important but just not right now. Be it; writing a blog post (literally what I am doing now) *ahem*, practicing guitar, cleaning, washing, showering, doing other pieces of work that aren't important as the others, planning for the future, doing pointless uni applications, cleaning out my wardrobe, food shopping, sorting my makeup bag, researching birthday presents for people, the list goes on. The thing about this form of procrastination is that it is still me getting shit done, but not the main shit that I'm meant to be doing. Yes these things will help me in the future but not the near future, idk it's very frustrating. For someone who calls themselves organised this new form of procrastination is not helpful, however it could be a lot worse. I could be watching hours of TV shows or films or going out and drinking or lying in bed and I'm thankful I'm not doing that, at least I'm getting something out of it at the end. I just think it's interesting that this new behaviour has come about. 

I think it's because I'm scared of my dissertation, I am. I'm scared of me putting all this effort in and it being really shit and not worth the time. So I think my brain is telling me that if I spend more time on things that it thinks are more important for the long run, I'll still feel like I have my life together. I know I'm going to get my dissertation done and I'm thankful to my brain for thinking about the future and helping me out now so I can have a great summer but anothing part of my brain is telling me that I need to spend all my energy on this disseratation and every breath writing or transcribing. I think because my future is so un-clear at the moment I am organising everything else around me to cope, apart from the thing that is the most important, ahh! It's frustrating but I know it could be worse and at least I am getting shit done, even if it's not the shit that I should be doing (so much mention of shit I'm sorry). 

I cant be alone with this. Please let me know if you too have to deal with productive procrastination and whether something good has come from it as a result. Our brains are funny things. Now I'm off to get something done, even if it's nothing to do with what I'm meant to be doing it's something right?  

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 13 March 2017

Hello pals! It's been another busy ol' week for me, but a mostly positive and productive one. I'm pleased with the work I have done and it's not long now until my dissertation is due and all of this work will pay off. I've also been able to have some time for myself and I'm very excited to start a new book tonight with a face mask and an episode of The Great Pottery Throwdown, how old am I? Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Pixi Glow Tonic____________________________________________________________________

I haven't been happy with my face recently because, stress. And I was wanting to change up my skin routine without breaking my 'treats' budget I have for myself each month. Afer doing a bit of research I ended up buying a small bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic because it is cruelty free and I've heard amazing things. Even after a week I am seeing the difference and I even got a compliment from someone at work about how nice my skin looked, it seems that I can be stressed and not look like a sausage roll after all, win!

Mr Robot_________________________________________________________________________

Whilst having a bit of time to myself I decided to start a new TV series and settled for Mr Robot because I have heard a lot, I love it. It's clever and not too tech savvy to make you fall asleep, I love the colour grading and the script is so smart. Also it has big similarities to Fight Club which is in my top 5 of favourite films, it contains a lot of inner monologues from the main character and a lot of natter about consumerism and being ran by a higher power, it's great fun! Also Rami who plays Elliot the main character is kinda nice to look at so there's that, 

Dog Dancing Video ____________________________________________________________

This video is amazing! I didn't really watch a lot of Crufts this year after the contreversy with the Alsation and just the cruelty of pedigree breeding, doesn't really leave a pleasant taste in my mouth. But I did tune in for the flyball and the dog dancing which are always my favourite and this dog is amazing and the routine is actually quite powerful. The dog performs CPR for goodness sake, without any direction from its trainer because she's lying on the floor, such talent, much emosh!


It was International Women's Day this week and I am not ashamed to say that I spent most of my day on twitter and instagram crying with pride and admiration for women. I'm so happy that so many people came together and posted about IWD and I read so many uplifting stories and found so many inspirational women to follow on social media, I'm just so proud to be a woman and knowing that there are so many people that support us and I didn't see one tweet about how we need an 'International Mans Day' think I would have thrown my phone out of  the window! Women are awsome! 

Listening to // Big Moon - Sucker ____________________________________________________

Speaking about IWD this song is a feminist anthem by a badass indie girl group, it's so catchy and so gutsy and punky and great for when you're venturing outside when you don't really want to, because you immediatly feel more badass with this in your headphones. It's also a great song to send spontaneously to your best sister of the moon to tell her how awsome she is, garn' do it!

How was your Monday?

Treasure Hunt | February

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Although I am meant to be saving I have still managed to gather a few lil' bits. Because I've had a pretty demanding month I did treat myself a little bit because I think it's important #treatrevolution. Here are the treasures I have collected in February:

Yoga Leggings ____________________________________________________________________

The beginning of February was all about yoga for me (until too much work took hold and I had to stop going, cry) so I decided to buy some proper workout leggings. I did want to get some that were ethically sourced but they're all so expensive and then I popped into Primark and found these, I'm a bad person I'm sorry and I am trying to be more ethical with my clothing choices I promise. These leggings though, they're perfect for yoga and they fit like a dream. They also have these cool fishnet style cutaways which make me feel sexy whilst doing Warrior II and they make my arse look great, what more can you ask for. It's a shame I can't do more yoga right now with how busy I am but I'm excited to use them in the summer for jogging!

Crunchy Nut Glorious Oat Granola __________________________________________________

This granola has been my favourite form of breakfast for so long but it's so bloody exensive! It's something like £3.00 or £3.50 which is ridiculous for a bit of oats and fruit, but during a quick browse in Tesco I stumbled upon it half price and thought I'd treat myself! I've been eating it with some Alpro yoghurt and banana and it is just a dream. I think I bought about 4 packets while it was on offer and now I'm sad because I'm not paying £3.50 for cereal, I am not! I've had to resort back to that Lidl granola lyf' which is probably better because it's much more healthy than that flapjacky' goodness. 

Tick Tock Roobius Tea | Vanilla Chai________________________________________________

I have been looking for the perfect vanilla chai without milk for a pretty long time. It's quite rare to find a chai blend that doesn't contain milk and I saw this in Booths (because I'm so posh) and had to try it, also it's tea bags which is extra rare. My goodness this tea is delicious! It's such a perfect blend, you can taste the roobius which cuts through the sweetness of the vanilla and then you just get a little bit of spice at the end and it's sooo nice! Perfect for keeping me warm and cosy whilst doing work. 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick | Nosferatu______________________________________

After purchasing and loving Lolita II for a month I decided to treat myself to another beautiful shade in the Kat Von D range. It's such a gorgeous blue toned, deep red which I think really compliments my translucent skin tone and makes me feel like a film star. The only trouble with this shade is that once applied it can get everywhere and if you're eating or drinking you have to be careful of those upper corners of your lips, I'm speaking from experience people, I looked like Cruella Deville all night! And because it's darker and more pigmented it does dry out your lips a lot, but you'll look like a film star so it's worth it!

Art Journal_______________________________________________________________________

This month I had a trip to my favourite place The Range to buy a decent portfolio and folders and boring things like that. But I ended up also buying a bright yellow art journal because the color yellow has really grown on me and it's well cute. I've just started it but I might just do a Noor's Place and do a tour of my sketches at somepoint, I'm not as brave and fabulous as Noor though to put my art out into the world like that so we'll see!   

The Man in the High Castle_________________________________________________________

Nathan and I have just finished season 1 and although it was slow, the concept was cool and the characters and "history" were interesting. Also Frank's really hot, those glasses tho'. Everything rested on the last episode for me though and it excelled my expectations and I am now very excited to start season 2, it just needs to pick up its pace abit!

What's your favouite treasure?