Treasure Hunt | February

Sunday, 18 March 2018

February has definitely been a month of new experiences and that certainly reflects in this little haul I picked up along the way. A lot of these things have been very new to me, but after a whole month with them I can certainly say, they're all here to stay! Lets have a looksy:

Boss RC 1 Loop Station Pedal _______________________________________________________

This month I actually managed to get a gig that paid me good money and with that money I decided to invest in my music a little bit more. I decided to buy a loop pedal, I'd seen people use them over the years and have always wanted a try, but just couldn't justify the price. But now I'm doing regular gigs and it has always just been me on my own with my lil'-plinky-plonky guitar, I thought it would be a good next step into adding a bit of backbone to my songs. Basically a loop pedal allows you to set certain rhythms or melodies down and loop them continuously until you tell it to stop. It is taking a lot of practice because I have recently discovered that my sense of rhythm isn't as good as I thought it was, oops. And there's nothing worse than an out of sync performance! So it's going to take me a long time before I can use it in live shows, but I've just been having fun with it this month. I did manage to use it in a recent youtube video and although parts of it are out of sync, I am happy with how it sounds and what it gives to the songs. It was worth it for the amount of fun I'm having with layering beats and harmonies on top of eachother, one day I'll be as good as Ed Sheeran or Jack Garrett with it, hopefully!



I briefly mentioned this in a Monday post but, I've been digging berets ever since I cut my hair off. I just think they suit me so well and I didn't think the would. They're also a perfect add-on to any outfit if you can't be arsed doing anything to your hair and they're also surprisingly warm. I now currently have four berets and I know that's quite extensive and I need to stop, but I can't get enough of that Parisian/Audrey Hepburn vibe. Honestly for all of this month you would have found me on the local bus, heading to work with minimal makeup, an assorted beret and sunglasses. It's a look I tell you! 


NYX Precision Brow Pencil | Soft Brown______________________________________________

I have used the same eyebrow pencil for a long, long while. The Soap & Glory Archery eyebrow pencil was an absolute staple to my makeup bag for years and I used to have heart palpitations when it was running low! My brows are my pride and joy and I tend to get a lot of compliments for them, I never let anyone touch them and after some intense Dua Lipa stalking I have decided to grow them out a lil' bit. Anyway I went to buy my holy-grail Archery, when to my horror it wasn't stocked anymore, -honestly I nearly cried-  But I pulled myself together and decided to try something new. I settled for NYX because I've been using their foundation and it's pretty good so far and it's a cruelty free brand. So I picked up this scary looking thing and haven't looked back! I think the colour is perfect for my complexion and it just looks so much more natural, also I love that it comes with a spooly brush so you can comb through those Dua-brows and feel like you DGAF, I'll show myself out. 


Nag Champa Ayurveda Incense Pack _________________________________________________

This was actually a Christmas present from my Dad, but because I also got an amalgamation of candles for Christmas, I've been burning those instead. But once they ran out, I turned to trying these out and wow. They all smell amazing! The only ones I haven't burned are the white sage scent and the signature Nag Champa branded scent because I feel like those are definitely for special occasions,
 -white sage is totally being saved for those days with negative vibes and they are few and far between at the moment- My favourite scents in this pack include:
Mystic Yoga - for you know, doing mystic yoga at 3am 
Nirvana - a light and floral burn 
Tree of Life - a fresh burn, perfect for a morning pick-me-up 
Satya Super Hit - An incredibly strong and powerful burn, perfect for spiritual tarot readings and spreading onto your clothes making you smell like a music festival


ELF Contour Set__________________________________________________________________

I am a pale bean. And have therefor struggled with contour, I'm always terrified that I look like I have mud on my face, but I still long for dem cheekbones. So I decided to try out this contour set. It looked terrifying at first, but once this stuff is blended on the cheeks, it's so subtle. It's exactly what I wanted out of a contour kit and I am now equipped for dem cheekbones and dat contour. And paired with my ELF highlighter, it's a match made in heaven, especially on gloomy days waiting for spring, your face can still be poppin' Also ELF is so affordable man and cruelty free I was so surprised. 


dodie | Secrets for the Mad - Audio Book _____________________________________________

 I found myself in the middle of Waterstones reading this book and couldn't put it down. But couldn't afford the price at the time. So I decided to use my free Audible trial and download the narrated version by dodie herself. This was such a brilliant decision, because dodie's voice is already familiar and calming to me because of her ASMR videos. I would turn a chapter on and find myself just drifting off to sleep, which was nice but also quite annoying because I wanted to hear what she had to say! I did eventually get to hear it all, after rewinding back to chapters I had slept through and I found this book to be so sweet and honest. Although, maybe I was a little old for the target audience, I still enjoyed listening to her advice about relationships and life etc. I just applaud dodie for being so open and honest, it mustn't be easy with such a wide audience now. I've heard this book be described as 'the older sister that everybody needs' and that's exactly it, she so wise and yet so vulnerable. Also a little perk of the audio book is a song before the beginning of each chapter, which is so lovely seems as she's a professional musician. It's such a wonderful book and definitely something different that stands out against the pumped out youtuber 'merch' books that are flooding the millennial shelves at the moment. I would definitely recommend buying the audio-book though, it's so well produced and you feel every. single. word. 


Honorable Mentions _______________________________________________________________

- Allllll the films, especially the Oscar noms, reviews coming soon 
- My youtube channel, do you know I started a channel, I don't talk about it a lot 
- My best friends comic Amber, go read it, it's magical and took a lot of hard work you won't regret!

What treasures have you found this month?


Songs | FEB18

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

I thought instead of a Monday post this week I would get this extensive list of songs out of the way before it's April, that would be great wouldn't it?! February was a surprisingly amazing month for music, new albums were coming out left, right and centre and I had a pretty difficult time picking out my absolute faves so this list wasn't 100 songs long! 2018 music wise is just getting better and better, let's press play:



First Aid Kit came back this month, I'm still working on a full album review, so lets just focus on this song. This song man, it hit me right in the feels! I think it's a mixture between the lyrics and the anthemic build up, but I found myself silently swaying to it in the kitchen while I was trying to make mac and cheese. It's so classic country and the main guitar swing and crowd chant was made for a rowdy bar with thick wooden stools and big ol' pints of ale. So this is the environment I feel this song is to be enjoyed, a crowded bar after a few pints and maybe, just maybe some tears might be shed. 

I have low-key loved Billie Eilish for a while now and I'm really excited about her future music. This song is so well produced and sampled and I take my hat off to her for the creativity, also the lyrics man. Something any millennial person interested in men can relate to I'm sure 'my boy loves his friends like I love my split ends and by that I mean, he cuts them off' genius. This song would be great to listen to maybe after a disappointing date or relationship, when the boss vibes need a lil' bit of a pick-me-up. 

So this song was kind of meant to be on my January playlist, but I loved it so much, I moved it over so I could listen to it more times, yep. This song man, the catchy chorus will get stuck in your memory palace for forever more. My boo Emily introduced me to this song before a night out and the 80's vibes just washed over me giving me so much energy. I absolutely love the band Alvvays now and whenever we go out anywhere and have the opportunity to choose a song, this one will always be first on the list and I haven't met a person yet who doesn't like it. This song will be best enjoyed with a glass of gin and an eyeliner in hand, ready to do the best cat-wings ever before looking bomb on a night out. 

Now we kind of know that I'm not really a fan of jazz but when I heard this song by Foxygen the chill vibes and weird tempo change caught me offguard and I ended up adding it to this playlist immediately. This song is a weird one, at first we have this slow, sultry saxaphone thing going on and next before you know it, you've been lured into this weird up-beat Bowie-esque chorus and then some weird 'da daa' pre-chorus/bridge hybrid. It's a perfect example of why we shouldn't always focus on musical structure. This song is great for listening to walking down the street, maybe change your walking pace to the weird change of tempo, have a little skip down the street maybe?

I looooove Jade Bird! I loved her debut ep and the country vibes it had, but when lottery came out you can really feel the glo-up through her music. She's not just a young singer-songwriter anymore, she's a professional pop musician and I am so excited for her new music. Lottery is an absolute bop, and is definitely to be enjoyed in an open topped car on a sunny-day but because this is England I haven't had the pleasure of fulfilling this fantasy yet. Here's to summer and hopefully a brand new Jade Bird album. 

Speaking of summer, I think George Ezra beat us all to it with his newest bop! Paradise just oozes feel-good; barefoot-in-the-grass, lemonade, flower crowns, huge sunglasses.. the whole shebang! 
This song should be heard in all aspects of the latter, maybe plus a few friends you can link arms with. 

I always thought Sunflower Bean were pretty chill and relaxed, and then BOOM this absolute political anthem was released, complete with their new sound. I absolutely love the rebelliousness of this song, it screams girl-gang-punk literally! This song would be amazing to hear live, I must see this band live, I must jump up and down to this song live. 

I saw a recent cover of this song on Youtube by Korantemaa and immediately added it to my playlist. I actually prefer the cover I heard though, although Men I Trust do have very chill vibes, similar to Mac Demarco and because of this I feel this song should be heard lying on your back in a field of flowers, staring at the sky. We've get real summer vibes going on here pals, maybe I miss it more than I think?!

 I've recently really been appreciating country music as a genre. Now I've always been into Dylan and Joplin and Cash of course, but I was never really a fan of new country (although maybe if you class Taylor Swift in that genre, I've been all over her shit for years) But after finding artists like this, I've really changed my opinion of the new country, not necessarily country pop, but something of a similar genre. Caroline Rose fits into this category and I fell in love with her sound and her badass lyrics, especially in Blood on your Bootheels. It possesses this classic blues guitar riff that I can't get enough of throughout the whole song and her storytelling lyrics are just so clever. Another great song for walking down the street to I feel. 

So February gave us many things, but the main thing that I will remember from this month is Justin bloody Timberlake is back isn't he?! I've always been a pretty big fan, ever since the Cry me a River days, I just can't get enough of that production value. I think he's a genius and this new album is soooo weird but also soooo amazing. Speaking of country music and all that, but putting him and that genre together is just crazy, but it works! I absolutely love the album and although it does have me very, very confused as to what genre JT is going for, I can't help but nod my head to every bop and Man of Woods perfectly encapsulates that weirdness, it's so weird man, but so good, so, so good. Listen to it wearing a cowboy hat in a place with good acoustics, you'll thank me.  

CHVRCHES are back, with this catchy little number. Although I'm not a great fan of the repetitive, pop chorus, I can't help dancing around to this song and it's the perfect thing to listen to before going on a night out.

Speaking of repetitive; Pale Waves are back -I mean that in the best possible way- When Television Romance was released I really wasn't a fan, but this band have definitely grown on me since hearing New Years Eve and this song tops it all on the bop scale! I also love the lyrics and the whole concept of the song 'lose me like the ocean, feel the motion'. 

Ahh and now we come to my new true love. I came across Cavetown on Youtube this month after stumbling upon a cover of this song and I feel head over heels for all of it; the music, the lyrics and the all round aesthetic. Robbie records and produces his own songs and I am in complete awe of how he does it and how professional everything sounds. He gives me so much inspiration and Lemon Boy has quickly become one of my favourite songs, like ever.. and that's a pretty hard list to get onto. I just think it's written perfectly and the bridge is dreamy and the build up of instruments into a heavier sound at the end of the song and.. I could go on. I love this song so much I recently covered it on my Youtube channel, thanks Robbie, for making music so full of feeling and expression. Also your chameleon was adorable!

So I only found Grace VanderWaal because Cavetown covered one of her songs on his channel -I told you I was a fangirl- But then I listened to her stuff on spotify and became obsessed with her tone of voice. She's so young man and so, so talented and I know she's the product of a talent show, but there's definitely something unique about her and I'm really excited for what she's going to become and where her music will go in the future, she's only 14 for hell's sake! Moonlight is a perfect pop song, simple ukulele, relatable lyrics and a catchy chorus. It's such an ear-worm, but in the best possible way, I had this song stuck in my head for around 3 days! This song will also be perfect to listen to in the summer, skipping down the street.

I'm always looking for new favourite indie bands and The Magic Gang might just fill that vacancy with this absolute tune. Like a lot of this playlist, it just screams summer and also beer gardens, I don't know why beer gardens but it just makes me think of them. Maybe I'm craving them, but I know once I get to sit in one, I'll certainly be listening to this song!

Now we all know by now that I'm attracted to relatable and clever lyrics. Well this song expresses these two things perfectly. I think everyone has been in the position that Sasha Sloan describes in this song and although it is a sad situation, I couldn't help but laugh in agreeance when I listened to the lyrics.

Oh look, another band that Cavetown has recently covered -fangirling intensifies- But this band man. They're kind of in the same genre as The Lemon Twigs and Mac Demarco I feel -once again, summer vibes all over- I also love the song title and the heavy chorus, it's just the whole package.

I discovered Soko randomly from a Spotify recommendation once Peach Pit's album has finished and oh my this lady is amazing. I already recognised one of her songs We Might be Dead Tomorrow from a film or tv series I couldn't place. But then I listened to the My Dreams Dictate my Reality Album and fell in love with her soft punk sound. Ocean of Tears is heavy in the right places and poetic all the way through. The way she writes music is genius, almost like a stream of consciousness, you never know what you're going to get and each song differs in genre, that's incredibly hard to get away with when you have such a strong aesthetic, but somehow Soko  is amazing at both of these things , she is an absolute master of her craft. 

Ahh, last but not least we have Ezra Furman's new single, definitely not least. This song is a story, a tale of a hospital breakout and a deadly road trip, giving me all those Pulp Fiction/Thelma & Louise vibes. Ezra's lyrics have always been unusual but this song is especially strange and borderline sinister. The whole album depicts an unhealthy relationship, maybe with someone, or maybe with himself. I kind of want to give him a hug, but also congratulate him on his storytelling and life observations. Hope yer ok Ezra hun!

God that was a marathon. But what can I say, February was a magical month for music!
What have you been listening to this February?

A Not So Blue Monday

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hello pals! Wow I can't believe it's Wednesday already and I haven't managed to get this post up, although I do have a valid excuse. Editing videos is hard man, takes up a lot of time and effort but I'm so pleased I've posted my second video on my youtube channel now, phew. Also it was my mums birthday this week and I've been savouring a well needed catch up with friends. But now it's time to get back to this week and before I can do that, lets talk about the one that just passed. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Snow Day_________________________________________________________________________

So on Tuesday, the UK woke up to a mysterious white substance covering the whole of the country, no it wasn't an alien invasion -although some people made it seem like one- It snowed a lottle', which meant that the UK came to a standby and there was no bread left in the supermarkets. I couldn't go to work because all the buses had stopped and we could just barely get up the drive! So I enjoyed my day filming and relaxing and doing not a lot because I thought, if the universe is giving us a sign to slow down, I'm fo' sho' gonna take it! Also everything looked so pretty and I was desperate to take my camera outside -I was even thinking of filming a cover in the snow- but alas it was just too cold for my little handies and after our neighbours horse escaped and I spent my evening running around a stable in the freezing cold, I wasn't up to a snow-photoshoot surprisingly. Ahh country living!

Queer Eye________________________________________________________________________

So while the UK came to a stand still, Netflix provided us with a gift, in the shape of 5 fabulous men and their TV show. I am obsessed with this program. Don't get me wrong it's not perfect and I have read some things (mostly on twitter) about the lack of inclusivity and all this; but can we talk about the good things about this program for a second. It deconstructs prejudices on both sides and that is difficult to do, especially in a reality show with this kind of structure. It also views men as vulnerable and does not hide the fact they have feelings, basically the whole program is about those feels! It's just an all round well thought together program, that doesn't patronise the participants -like Gok or Trinny and Susanna remember them?- but it allows them to find confidence in themselves by only doing the bare minimum thing to start their journey. I just love it and it's the perfect feel-good show the world needs right now. A bit more inclusivity would be great though pals. Also I haven't cried at it yet and I only have to two more episodes to go, am I human, am I a monster?

The Assasination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story ______________________________

I found out that Ryan Murphy's new drama is being shown on BBC 2 this year and me and mum sat down to watch it and oh my god it's amazing! Now I haven't seen the The People vs OJ Simpson but I imagine it's very similar because as always he loves to use similar casting and crew etc. I was immediately hooked to the storyline and Darren Criss plays the main character splendidly, with just the right amount of subtle madness. Now, as always I do watch things with my psychology head on and I have noticed that Murphy's productions (American Horror Story) do not help with the breaking down the stigma of mental illness, he does like to use it as an accessory to tell a story and on the way, demonises the characters struggling with it. But it all comes down to this argument again of the value of entertainment, but I do understand that this is based on real events and dramatising it this way could be damaging. I've only seen the first episode, maybe it'll get better in that retrospect but for anyone who has seen the latest AHS I'm not sure. This is my new favourite TV show though, the first episode was explosive and I am already in love with the high fashion aesthetic-meets real world gore and reality. And I've just realised the second episode will be aired tonight, if you haven't watched it yet, catch up on demand, if you're a fan of AHS or you just love a crime story, you wont be disappointed!

All the Films ______________________________________________________________________

I have recently had the pleasure of watching sooo many films. Almost all the Oscar nominations have been watched. And although I'm going to do another tiny reviews post soon, I'll just say that a lot of these films have now hurtled their way up to my list of top-ten favourite films of all time, good going. There are just a lot of talented people around at the moment, telling amazing, important stories. 

How was your Monday? -we're pretending it's not Wednesday-


A Year Without The Pill

Friday, 2 March 2018

So the end of this month marks a year and a half of me not taking the contraceptive pill Rigevidon. And my, my it's been a journey! A mostly positive one, I am now completely without chemicals in my body managing my hormones and it feels amazing to say that, so lets talk symptoms I have noticed, mood change, periods and attitudes towards contraception and my vagina in general. 

At the end of January last year, I decided to stop taking my Rigevidon after relying on it for contraception and period pain control for 6 years. There were a lot of reasons why; my long term relationship at the time ended, I had been doing a lot of research into the contraceptive pill and the long-term effects it had on the body and the main one that scared me the most; I was relying on it so much for my mental health. I was essentially using my contraception as anxiety medication. So after forgetting to take it and having a panic attack about the fact I didn't have it with me to control my panic attacks, I knew I had to come off Rigevidon. 

After doing some more, further research and a few rather scary hospital appointments too with ovary pain, my GP, therapist and I decided it was the right thing to do. Rigevidon has been in the press recently for all sorts of scary things and while some of them are over-dramatised and fear mongering, it has been proved that it can be harmful for you to remain on the combined pill for more than 5 years. This is to do with the added hormones of oestrogen and pro-oestrogen to balance out the timing of your periods, also the combined pill raises your chance of getting some types of blood clots and cancers. I also want to state that I am not fully 'anti pill' I've had an okay experience with it and I know people where the pill has worked for them brilliantly and they're very happy with their decision to be on it. All I'll say is before making the decision to start the pill or even come off it, do at least a week's worth of research, read all the things and consult your doctor before making both decisions.

 I  just felt like I didn't want chemical hormones to control my body and brain anymore, I hadn't had any experience being a fully grown adult with no extra hormones being pumped into my body and that's a terrifying thought for me, so I said no more and had my first natural period in 6 years! So let's start there:


After coming off Rigevidon, it took around 2 months for my first proper period to arrive. I was spotting for a long time but nothing more than that. When it eventually arrived I noticed quite an increase in pain, my ovaries were crippling me and I had to just go to bed for the first few months when it struck. I also developed the most awful boughts of pms that I'm still struggling with now. I tend to get irrationally angry and upset about the smallest things and my craving for chocolate and sweet things increase un-naturally for me, I'll chat more about PMS when we reach the mood section because it has been a ride. 

The periods themselves last for a shorter amount of time than they did with the pill. Normally heavy to medium bleeding for 3 days. Two things other than coming off the pill have made my life better; the first is my moon cup, I adore it! It's so, so comfortable once it's in and it's so nice to not be able to think about changing pads and tampons throughout the day. It's also so much better for the environment, I just adore it and it has allowed me to become a lot more confident. I can still wear nice underwear when I'm bleeding! The second thing is the app Clue, I've spoken about it on here before, but after having it for almost a year now, it has built up a data base on my usual menstrual activity and paints a picture of what my monthly cycle will look like, it's also very handy for me to track PMS and mood in general. It's taught me how to connect to my cycle and how many things it effects through that time of the month. 

I'm worried this section has been quite negative, but no woman's period is always going to be pleasant. It's literally your uterus tearing for fuck sake, it's going to hurt! What coming off the pill has made me realise with regards to my period is how much it effects me on a monthly basis, my decisions, my appetite, my skin etc. And it's so, so refreshing to see what my body does without any influence from chemicals. Bodies are magical and seeing how they tick and function on their own is very, very important for your relationship with them, preach. 


So after coming off the pill my weight has fluctuated much more, especially in the first few months of being off it. Now I don't know if that's because I went to Sicily and literally lived off bread and olive oil, or it was the smaller amount of oestrogen, but in the summer I did notice some weight gain. But recently I have started to lose quite a lot of weight again. Now with me being vegan I try to keep an eye on my nutrition intake and it seems to be fine. My food taste has changed as well, although I am much more of a savoury person, I have developed much more of a sweet tooth which maybe could be down to hormone changes or just that I have found the mecca that is vegan snackidge, we'll never know. My digestion has also gotten a lot better, but once again I don't know if that's the vegan diet and the gallons of peppermint tea I now drink. 

I did expect my skin to get worse, after stories from other people coming off the pill. But I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't see many changes. I do now have the inevitable hormonal chin spots, big, heady boys that I try not to pop ew. But nothing too extreme, I have to say after hearing that the combined pill prevents acne, I was pretty worried about the effect less oestrogen would have on my skin, but it mustn't have effected me in that way too much. What I will say about my skin is that the first 6 months of being off the pill had me itching all over with a weird eczema/skin condition thing going on. I started getting dry patches all over my body and had to go to the GP to get some special cream. Whilst I was there I asked her about the pill and she said that it's probably a reaction to the hormone change, which I found really interesting to know. The itchiness stopped after another month using the cream and I haven't had a flare up since so I think that's a sign that my hormones settled down after that. 


As soon as I found out my pill had a connection to my anxiety, I knew that coming off it would be difficult with regards to my lil' brain. At first I started to experience what I can only call strange withdrawal symptoms. My brain started to tell me that I needed my contraceptive pill to feel normal and not anxious and as soon as I took it away my anxiety sky rocketed, which I expected to be honest. But it settled much, much sooner than I thought. Maybe it was to do with the therapy I was receiving, or the happier situation I was in during the summer, but by June/July my panic attacks had almost completely stopped and my anxiety was almost none-existent. The only time it reared it's ugly head and still does is when the dreaded PMS comes around. 

I definitely think that the lack of pill has effected my PMS symptoms for the worse and is probably the most negative effect that is still ongoing after coming off the pill. My PMS is something else! As I said my anxiety tends to get worse (no panic attacks in the past few months though) but I also completely withdraw, I forget how to talk to people and almost forget social skills and ways to start conversation it's really weird. I forget words and names, I forget what I have done during the day, I stop talking mid-sentence and my mood man, my mood is something else. I become very, very irritated with the smallest of things, I also become very very unsettled wherever I am and immediately need to get out of any situation I find myself in . I'm essentially a nightmare and I'm still not too sure what I can do about it. This is my body and how it effects me and without chemicals I'm not too sure how to improve it. Of course I've tried more meditation, yoga and diet, but nothing seems to have improved my mood at that moment in time. Maybe it'll just take longer to settle, I know it's not unusual to feel like this during my menstrual cycle, but it is pretty annoying and to be honest I find it very debilitating. 

I have thought about returning to the combined pill, or even trying the implant or something different hormonally to solve this. But once again I don't want to pump my body with chemicals and for all the positive effects coming off the pill has had on my body and mind, it would be ashame to go back to square one because of monthly mood swings. 

I think I've explained everything I wanted to, it seems that this experience has been quite negative but I know now after all of these symptoms have died down, that my body is much better off without those extra, artificial hormones and un-known chemicals. I also realise that a lot of these symptoms were maybe due to external influences and not at all connected to the pill, but after doing a lot of research on this topic, I do see a relationship between the period of time this was all happening and how long I had been off the pill.

I'm so glad that I decided to do this for myself, I now have a better grasp at how my body works on its own and it has been fascinating to observe. Once again I will say that contraception choice needs to be taken seriously and there a lot of factors to consider when making any decisions to come on or off the combined pill or any other form of hormonal contraception. The NHS website is great but I will also link you to the youtuber Hannah Witton's series called the hormone diaries, where she documents her journey coming off the pill in huge detail and it was basically the inspiration for this blog post. I think things like this are really important to share because many people still don't see the amount of impact hormones can have on their bodies and mind. 

My period is now fully synchronised with the full moon, which I find so reassuring and fascinating, we are all phenomenal women and we should certainly treat our bodies that way! 
I'd love to know if you've had any experiences, positive or negative with coming on or off the pill?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 26 February 2018

Hello pals! It's been another busy week, I can't believe the weather, we were so close to spring and now there's snow! But I'm not complaining, I love cold winter sunsets like this one. I also can't believe February is nearly over, after such a long January it feels like I blinked and it's almost March! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Black Panther_____________________________________________________________________

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see this amazing film on it's first showing at my local cinema. Honestly this film, I expected it to be amazing but it turned out to be astounding! Every single frame was just so beautiful, the colours, the culture, the effects. You can tell this film has been a very long time in the making and its message is not at all subtle, but so, so important. Also the soundtrack man, Kendrick did an amazing job, the heavy base and catchy licks really suited the films aesthetic, so, so empowering. I would definitely recommend this as a cinema watch, you need dat quality in your life. Also this film deserves your full attention, on the big screen, the way important films like this are meant to be consumed. 


So this week I finally bit the bullet and made a Youtube channel for my music. My first video is nothing special, just a cover of one of my favourite Wombats songs. I'm really pleased with it and I think it's just a natural and organic step from this blog and for my music. I'm really excited about this next step and if you wish to follow along with me, you can subscribe and hopefully watch my editing skills get better because let me tell you they need some work! Got to start somewhere though. I'll leave a link to the video and my channel bellow, much music, much excite. 


How was your Monday?

January | Three of Cups

Thursday, 22 February 2018

I have always been low-key fascinated by the art of the tarot. I don't know if it's magic or not and as a woman who studied a mostly-science-based course at uni, I tend to be a bit of a sceptic. But since last summer, my spiritual self has really been coming out of the woodwork and I have learned to love her. This Christmas my best friend and boo Emily bought me a set of tarots and I immediately fell in love with them. The artwork is beautiful and so, so detailed and after reading the book that came with it, I understand now; that tarots do not predict the future, it's so much more complex than that. They guide you through it, they give you the tools in your mind to see an outcome. This is something I know very well in the psychology field, something called hermanuetics - the art of interpretation. The tarots can be anything you want them to be, they don't predict the outcome, they tell you everything that is already there, already under your nose the whole time, you were just too busy to see it. 

On new years eve I decided to conduct a yearly spread. This is essentially choosing thirteen cards and placing them in a circle, each card represents each month and the thirteenth represents the all round theme of the year and so on and so forth. As a bit of fun and I thought it would make for unusual blog content, I am going to sum up my month using the tarots that were predicted and compare them to my current life during that month. I want to see if there was a speck of truth there and how my year will pan out as a whole according to this prediction. Will this reading influence me into making decisions? Will it motivate me into taking new opportunities or not depending on the reading? I would show you the yearly circle beforehand but I feel like tarots are a very personal emotional thing; laying your future out for the world to see like that, so we're going to do it one month at a time. Cool, let's start with January:

(All of these definitions are taken from The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook by Kim Krans)

Three of Cups_____________________________________________________________________

Friendship, Joy, Bounty

The three of cups is a lovely card. It forsees you in the company of amazing friends, creating memories together that you'll forever hold dear. These are not any ol' friends; they are people with whom you feel a rare connection. With them you feel truly 'yourself'. Enjoy each minute of their company. This card can also indicate an upcoming celebration. Love abounds!


My January has been incredibly social. The card was true, I met my current squad and I've been having an amazing time hanging out with them all. We're mostly all musicians so it's been amazing to get to know people with the same like-mindedness and interests as me. We're all very grounded although some of us are currently being catapulted to success right now! I'm just so happy that my time at home has meant finding this amazing place with these amazing people, playing amazing songs and drinking amazing gin. I couldn't have asked for a better January. A month that I thought was going to be pretty difficult turned itself around completely and I am in such a good place right now. Exciting things are happening with my music and I'm just really hyped for the future and being able to share it with these amazing people means the world to me, ew; but no really I mean it. 

I hope you like this new concept I'm trying out. 
How was your January?