Clearasil Ultra- Blemish and Marks- Wash and Mask

Saturday, 21 June 2014

As most sensitive skin types, I always seem to have difficulty with long term marks or blemishes after a spot has gone away. It can take months to get rid of the blemish completely and I find it quite frustrating having to conceal something that should have gone away months ago. I don't know why my skin seems to torture me with this, I try and look after it as much as I can on a budget, but still after almost every spot I am burdened with a less removable blemish ughh. 

This product's hypothesis claims to 'help clear blemishes fast and fight the appearance of marks using 'skin science' a completely new form of vitamins that help erase the blemish before the mark appears afterwards on the skin. Vitamin B3 to be exact. 

I used this product precisely how the instructions on the back told me, as a wash twice a night and as a mask up to 3 times per week. 

 I have to say the mix smelled really nice! Incredibly strongly of fresh avocados, one of my fave smells. As some face washes have a very artificial smell this one didn't. It also had a very soft and thick consistency because of the mask element.  I was pretty disappointed with the results at first, the product appeared to be drying my skin out and I had to use a stronger moisturiser every time I used it. However when I did have a small breakout the wash/mask combo helped and cleared the spots pretty quickly. Although when it came to removing the left over blemish (what the product is designed for) it still took the same amount of time, one blemish is actually still on my skin and doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon. 

Although the product was disappointing it did have high hopes, being one of the first blemish removing washes in the Clearasil range, hopefully they'll take it back to the lab!

Have you found anything better to remove those pesky blemishes and marks ? 

See you all soon 

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