College Exhibition - A Gap Year Well Spent

Sunday, 22 June 2014

So last night I had the opportunity to share some of the photographs I took whilst on my part time course at college. 

I chose to do this course as part of my gap year, to gain more skills in photography because I just enjoy it so much. During my course I learned about depths of field and angles and editing techniques on photoshop. I think doing a college course as part of your gap year is a good idea even though it does take up time, I ended up fast tracking my course in the end because I found it rather easy and I enjoyed it so much I completed an extra project. I also decided to do this during my gap year because I was a little disappointed in getting  a D at Alevel art. However I achieved a DD* and a 90 credit diploma for this course (whatever that means) 

Anyway I was given the opportunity to come back and showcase some of my work so of course I sad yes. My exhibition was successful and going to college during my gap year allowed me to meet new people and even make hopefully some life long friends. Yes it was hard work when I could have been travelling or just lazing around at home, but it was a way of taking an opportunity to improve my skills without costing anything (because I was still under 19) 

It's also a great way of having the 'university experience' Obviously not moving in and all that, but the experience of meeting new people with different personalities and studying a different kind of course. I also chose photography as I am heading to uni to study psychology which is a highly academic subject and photography was a lot more relaxed and I could enjoy ever minuet before knuckling down and working on a subject  which is a lot more pedantic. 

If you are interested in my photography I do have a website but it was only created for a unit at college and is not a professional website whatsoever however it has nearly all the work that is shown in these photographs and more so if you want to be nosey you know...

See you all soon 


  1. Ciara, I've just come across your blog and how lovely it is!! Your photos are amazing!! xxx

    1. Aw thank you deary I've just started it hahaa and thank you it really means a lot because it's something I really love :} I love your blog by the way couldn't stop reading ! :}