My Ultimate Love for Vinyl Records

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ever since my dad gave me his old portable record player I have been going LP crazy ! I don't know what it is about them (well I do actually) The quality of a vinyl is so different to a CD or mp3 sound, this is because it hasn't been compressed as much, the more you shrink a file or recording the more the quality deteriorates, so as soon as you can fit a tiny file into something the size of a memory stick the quality of the music has basically disappeared. Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of mp3 and how handy it is listening to a song on the move and having all your music stored in one place. However when you buy a vinyl and you place it on the turn table for the first time and you have to set up all the volume, the base, treble and the balance of the speakers and you get it perfect and then you can just sit back and feel the music,  I've just found myself lying on the floor and soaking up the music and because of this I've found myself to be more creative and feel closer to the artists in a way. (God I sound like such a hippy) But I am not over exaggerating when I say that the quality is a whole lot better. 

  I obtained nearly almost all of my records from my dad when he gave me the player, mostly Beatles vinyls that I was so pleased about (some really rare ones too) As soon as I got the player set up I started looking wherever I could for second hand or brand new vinyls. Now over the years I have quite a large pile going on, my mum keeps her eye out for cheap vinyls I would enjoy and my boyfriend got me two for Christmas. 

 Most of my records are purchased from charity shops or online but I do sometimes head into HMV when I have some money in my pocket. I love the selection of records that you can get from Bob Dylan to Lady Gaga, everyone's jumping on the vinyl bandwagon! I also think what attracts people to a record is they're decidedly bigger than a CD and the album artwork inside is something so special. And I don't know, I feel that a record is a lot more personal than a CD because you have to look after and cherish it, you can't skip tracks easily so it gives you the opportunity to listen to the artist and feel how they felt when it was being recorded. Recently I've even been buying vinyls that I have on CD but I know I will enjoy them 10x more on the turntable. 

Most of the time you can also find special edition tracks that weren't added to the current CD such as this tiny little special edition bright turquoise Wombats 45rpm EP. Which Gareth got for me; I hold it incredibly dearly in my heart and play it most mornings. It contains 2 live acoustic sessions recorded in Manchester and it's just such great quality and you can really tell that the band is just as good live as recorded. Their music is so upbeat and it's just perfect to play full blast on a grey Monday morning.

If you live in the middle of nowhere like me vinyl records can be incredibly hard to find. I normally snoop around the local charity shops and sometimes I find a bargain gem, however most days it's just full of The Osmonds and fake ToTP vinyls that have songs on not even recorded by the original artists! But as soon as I hit the city I keep my eyes out for vinyls everywhere I go. I go into charity shops still because come on we all know that city charity shops are so much better and you can always find something that isn't old lady clothing that smells like moth balls (or if you're into that stuff that's fine too) I also look around for special record shops, I know that Edinburgh's full of them, however with HMV selling vinyls now these record shops aren't getting as much business and are having to close. If all is lost and I can't find anything I head into HMV as I know I will always find what I'm looking for there just at more of a price oops !

So I hope you have enjoyed reading into my little obsession and I hope that this has made you even maybe want to start getting into vinyls or buy more. 

If you are already into vinyls I would love to know where you shop for accessories and what your favorite records are and whether you agree with my points (hopefully you will) 

Anyhoo I'm off to listen to Double Fantasy and lie on the floor 

See you all soon


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