Our Little Yorkshire Adventure - The Magic of Hebden Bridge

Monday, 30 June 2014


This week me, my boyfriend Gareth and two of my best friends Emily and Adam packed our bags and headed off to Yorkshire for 5 days. We had pre-booked a cute little apartment before going and with maps and to-do lists in hand, we set  off on the train. 

Day 1 - Travelling and Arriving 

The train journey to Yorkshire was filled with celebration as Adam had just passed his driving test that day ! So we bought him a bottle of bucks fizz aswell as plastic cups to enjoy on the train. 
Celebrations and  Gareth enjoying the window seat
As soon as we arrived we could tell why Hebden Bridge is famous for it's artistic, bohemian culture, continuous canals and picturesque views. After taking around an hour to find our apartment (Gareth got us lost) we were so excited to see it, it was so much more spacious and a lot bigger than it looked on the photos, we were so pleased with the facilities and decoration for how cheap it was, it was such a steal especially for the area it's in ! And the view was so spectacular through the double door balcony we had, it was just perfect !

The name of the apartment and the glorious view through the balcony flowers 

That night we went food shopping, being a self catered we had kept a budget on how much food and drink we needed. When going away a kitty (a sum of money between a group) is incredibly useful, we each put in £25 each and that lasted us the whole week for food and drink. After shopping we had a little explore around the town and then back to the apartment for drinkies! Me and Gareth also decided to go on a late night walk around the place (late night being half past 2 in the morning) It was so peaceful outside and it really helped us get to know the town without people being around because really, who likes people ?!

Day 2 - Exploring and a Meal 

Me and Gareth by the canal and Me and Em having too much fun at the park
Dress: H&M
Kimono: Ebay

Tuesday basically consisted of shopping and exploring, me and Emily found some lovely photogenic spots and we even broke into a children's park! 
Strawbs and cream yes please 
Sylvia Plath Graffiti 

The shops in Hebden Bridge were so beautiful, the displays were so eye catching and it wasn't just the windows, even the inside of the shops were perfectly presented and it was a real experience to look around them. 
After exploring and shopping we went for a meal at The Olive Branch which is a Turkish restaurant right in the middle of the town. It was so affordable, there was a deal on that day, any starter and main for £12.95 !

Loving the fez photobomb
The rest of the night consisted of a bottle of wine,shots and pimms (kind of a whole bottle) and dancing to Led Zeppelin on full blast. Also another late night (3 o'clock in the morning) walk.

Day 3 - Markets and Sylvia Plath

Wednesday I think was one of our most cultural days. We headed into town early and me and Emily hit the charity shops which I have to say are so much better for vintage bargains than anywhere else. We also hit a flea market picking up some more amazing bargains. We then went to the outdoor market where I picked up an asymmetric woolen coat which is so big and beautiful and hangs off me really flatteringly, I don't have a picture yet but it looks a little like this. However I picked this beauty up for £4! 

Venturing up the steep path

 We then headed into a village called Heptonstall. The way to the village was completely uphill literally all the way, it was so steep. But because it was so high up the views at the end were amazing. Once we finally reached Heptonstall we sat down in a small park across from this quaint little tearoom and had a picnic. We also met a cat.

Tiger the cat

Picnic consisting of jam sandwiches and crisps 

Emily having a sneaky sketch
After that we ventured into the old churchyard which was amazing and a little creepy but great for symmetrical photographs!

 We then headed to the new churchyard, there we found American poet Sylvia Plath's grave which was hard to find but a lovely thing to see after reading her poetry and book. People had also stuck pens into the soil of her grave, which I thought was a nice touch. I put down some wild flowers which I had picked earlier on in the walk just to pay my respects.

'Even amidst fierce flames
the golden lotus can be planted' - Sylvia Plath's Grave

That night Gareth cooked us BBQ chicken (BBQ quorn for me) and we watched afew films and drank a little. This was joined by another late night walk and this time we found a hedgehog!

Day 4 - Last Full Day 

Because this was our last day in Yorkshire we decided to take it easy. The first port of call was buying a big ol' bottle of vodka from our left over kitty money, a treat to ourselves seems as though we budgeted so well. We then had another small picnic on the park and another little shop. Then Gareth cooked a veggie night for us because his vegetarian cooking is just the best. We then drank a little and went into town this time taking Emily's camera and the vodka. We did some slow shutter speed photography with lights and they came out so well and they were so much fun to create. I have no photos though, as all the photos were taken on Emily's camera as my camera hates darkness!

Terrible camera and absolute yobos 

Day 5 - Going Home 

Going home day noooooo! None of us wanted to leave but we'd had such a good few days. Before leaving we had time for a quick last shop and a milkshake and then it was back to the cute 1800's railway station to head home. 
Milkshake and a duck 
Gareth looking suave <3

Railway Station which as stayed the same since the 1840's 

After this trip Hebden Bridge has to be one of my favourite places in the world. We're already looking into staying there again near Christmas. If you want to check out Hebden Bridge and and the culture it has to offer I'll leave some links bellow and also the link to the apartment we stayed in, because the man was so nice and welcoming and we couldn't have had better accommodation for the price. 

                                                     I think Hebden Bridge has stolen my heart 
  See you all soon 



  1. I love posts like this, looks like you had a great time! xxx


  2. Aw thankyou I really like your blog btw :} xxx

  3. Such pretty photos, looks like you had a fab trip! Just followed your blog :)

    Bry x

    1. Aw thankyou ! We're planning to go for Christmas there already hahaa and thank you for the follow, I just checked out your blog and I love it :)!

  4. oh my gosh the photos look beautiful! looks like such a lovely place xxx