The Inevitable Hello

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Like most first time blog creators I am currently just past halfway through my gap year patiently waiting to pack up and move to university. However unlike most blog creators I am currently unemployed (apart from a small weekend waitressing job) This caused me to think about what rewarding creative activity I could introduce myself to, somewhere where I can exhibit my photography and thoughts and something that can stop me from going completely stir crazy (the cabin fever was already setting in) 
So yesterday I decided to start a blog, I created the display header and had a fiddle with gadgets etc. I then completely panicked and shut down the computer (I tend to do this a lot) I just completely overreacted and thought about what people would think and how they would criticize me on my 'blogging skills' But then I thought that if I don't start now I'll never get better and criticism can become helpful depending on how you take it. 
So I've finally started this blog, what I'm hoping for this little corner of the internet to do is bring people joy one way or another. I hope I can be even a little entertaining so that you come back and read more of my posts. I also want this to be a place where people can come for advice big or small, this is what attracted me to blogging in the first place, you can get lost inside bigger social networks such as twitter and tumblr and feel like your comments aren't being replied to or even noticed. When doing blogging research I found that blog comments are nearly always replied to, if not by the author by other blogs, giving advice and discussing the issue addressed on the blog. This is what attracted me towards blogging as I have many issues that I plan to address and I want people to get involved. Even if I help just one person via this blog it will make me over the moon. 

What to Expect from this Blog 
As you have probably already guessed I like to have a little ramble (I believe it's rather healthy for the mind)
So expect a few rants and things however hopefully they will be informative.
I wanted to keep this blog as open as possible and right from the beginning my aim for this is not to be categorized into just one section, I'm sure lots of fellow bloggers will agree. I don't just want to create content for just one category in the vast world that is blogging, so hopefully this will be a little bit of everything, therefore I have planned content for almost every section of the blogosphere; lifestyle, photography, advice, beauty, etc. (you get my jist) I just hope this technique of blogging is successful. 

So this month you might see:
  • Daily Diaries- Little snippets of what I get up to (that's if I go anywhere exciting I'm sure you don't want to read about me just lying in bed)
  • Thoughts and feelings that come along- Addressing issues I feel that should be addressed 
  • General reviews on products 
  • Monthly Favorites
  • Advice and How to's- The main reason I created this blog is to help people, I am the most excited about this section of the blog 
  • Fortnightly playlist- Music that I have been loving and want to share 
  • Recipe's baking and cooking- My boyfriend is a chef, he's helping me with this section :)
I hope this post hasn't been too rambly, some advice and follows would be greatly appreciated at this early stage and any constructive criticism is welcome in the comments. I will be back pretty soon because I have loads of content to create I'm so excited ! 

(Apologies for the terrible camera quality, had to take the photos on my iPhone my boyfriend has my camera at the mo but I get it back Monday)

What about you ? When starting your blogs did you have any second thoughts ? 

See you all soon 


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