A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

So sorry I haven't been blogging as much (Ew I say that like I have like millions of people depending on this blog, whey) I have been living it up this past few weeks working and being at various social events because you know it's the height of summer and all that. 
But I wanted to grace you with my presence once more and tell you about a little weekly post I plan to write every Monday. 'A Not So Blue Monday' is a kind of take of those 'things that have made me happy this week' kind of posts. But instead of naming it that I tried to be a little more creative and call it 'A Not So Blue Monday'. I decided to focus on Monday because for most people it is the worst day of the week. Monday to me always marks the end of my weekend and that can be seen as negative, going back to the daily grind and all that and Friday always seems the furthest away it has ever been. So to add a little sprinkle of hope into my Monday I have decided to write a post every week about something (or maybe many things) that have made me happy on Monday, be it a smile from a stranger on the bus or just a nice cup of tea after work. I want to be able to spread some joy on the worst day of the week. And I hope you will join in too.

(And yes I do realise that today is a Tuesday but I only came up with the idea last night so sorry)

So this Monday the things that made me smile especially were:

-The ASOS AW14 Magazine that came sliding through my door in the morning

-The packet of salt and vinegar crisps I consumed on the bus

-The deal I got at Boots for buying Maltesers 
This one needs a little bit of expanding. You see I headed to the local Boots near where I work after I finished and I was in need of a small chocolate fix. I scoured the shelves and found a sign explaining that if I buy a pack of Maltesers I would gain 50 extra points on my Boots reward card, get in ! I know 50 points is equivalent to like 20p or something but it still made my day a little bit brighter. When the lady scanned the Maltesers I started conversation about how I'm only buying them to get points and she replied saying that the points didn't come through. They were about to close so I said it didn't matter but these are the words she said to me 'No my dear if the sign says you get points, you are getting your points today don't worry' She went to check and when she came back she handed me a receipt to say that 70 points had been put on my card ! She was so lovely and it brightened my day so much because she had put the extra 20 on herself and she should have kicked me out because they were about to close but she didn't instead she gave me my points and 20 extra! I love that lady. And I' sure her kindness made my Maltesers taste better !

-The conversation with Gareth I had in the evening. 

So that's what made my Monday not so blue. I would really love to hear from you and how your Monday went and whether you like this style of blog post ?

See you all soon


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