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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Whilst wasting some time on Youtube the other day I overcame this advert. Normally adverts on Youtube annoy me and I press the all famous 'skip' button after the 3 seconds the advert forces upon you. However this advert was different and it's fair to say I watched until the end. 

I love the idea of a social experiment and the surprising results that can happen during them, I am also fascinated and bemused with feminism and how prejudice towards women can still be happening in 2014. 

This advertisement for the brand Always shows a small what looks like casting call room, where a director is sat. She calls a woman in and then tells her to do some actions and she is to do the first thing that comes to mind. The actions are:

  • Show me what it looks like to run like a girl 
  • Show me what it looks like to fight like a girl
  • Now throw like a girl     
The adults that she asks the questions to all demonstrate the silly girly way in which, films, Tv shows and even books depict what girls run, fight and throw like. This is followed by many floppy hand gestures and flailing arms. 

The director then asks young girls the exact same question and their actions couldn't be any different. You can see that the young girls are trying the best that they can in their actions, there is no weakness about it, no stereotype that accompanies it. They are just young girls running, punching, kicking and throwing into the air at the best of their ability. 

The advert then asks the question 'When did doing something like a girl become an insult ? 

And that made me think. It's such a normal thing (especially in America) to say 'ew you throw like a girl' Just this one statement categorizes a whole gender of the human race to be terrible at throwing. And the thing is that this passive statement that people have come to know, is so conventional now that no one thinks of it as an insult. 

And as the advert continues to say 'A girls confidence plummets during puberty' 
The sporty 13 year old at school who suddenly gets told that she 'runs like a girl' will be confused; will label that insult onto herself and believe that she is not good enough anymore. Not as good as the sporty, confident 13 year old boy that she was winning races against before. All because of a saying. 

So, what Always plan to do is turn that around, so when a young girl hears the phrase 'like a girl' she can stand up and say 'yes I do run like a girl because I am a girl, that doesn't mean I am weaker than you' 

And I know that boiled right down it still is an advert for pantyliner's, but it really fascinated me how this sexist culture still exists and starts from such a young age and it is happening right under our noses and we should try and stop it so that this whole generation of young girls can be proud to be a girl and not feel like it is a burden. 

I will leave the advert down bellow so you can see what you think, if you want to join the campaign you can click here and the website will tell you more information about their campaign and how it will help. 

Do you agree with me ?
How do you feel about the phrase 'like a girl' ?
 See you all soon 



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