Dear June...

Saturday, 5 July 2014

You've been a funny old month lets just say that. As I lie on my bed trying to wind down from a 7 hour shift I begin to think about what a month of ups and downs this really has been. 
You began by giving me a right bash on the head with the absolutely wonderful news that I had been fired from my job. As summer officially began I spent weeks feeling down and lost without money or any motivation. Then I began writing this blog, I was so bored and I needed something to influence me and make me passionate about something again. While I started my blog, the month took another personal down hill into stress, worry and anxiety. With no job and things constantly circling around my mind lets just say I was not myself. Gareth tried to help me as much as he could but with rejection after rejection I just lost all hope at getting another job and I was worried about uni and how I was going to pay back my loans and the fact I had been fired the day after I booked a five day holiday. (When already stressed, it can be the little meaningless things that you shouldn't worry about that normally tip you over the edge)
By the end of the month though, there was hope on the horizon and June decided to change it's nasty mood. I managed (with a little bit of help) to afford my holiday and me Gareth and my two other extremely best friends headed off to Yorkshire, you can read about that here, Yorkshire was so lovely and I think it turned all our moods around (everyone was pretty stressed, one reason or another A levels etc.) so getting away from it all for a few days was the best thing we could do and a great mark to the end of their A levels. 
Before going away as well I heard the absolutely splendid news that I got a job at a retail store. Now this job is just for a month, which I'm kind of gutted about but it is something and the hours are great and as Gareth keeps reminding me 'it's a step through the retail door' meaning it will give me the experience I need to get another job in retail (coffee shops really aren't my thing) 
So June there you go, I've missed out a huge chunk of the month because it was just filled with stress and worry and I don't really fancy explaining why on here. Lets just hope that the beginning of this month is brighter than last. And lets just keep this positive and say thanks June for testing me almost to the max, lets hope I won and pulled out stronger than you !

As you probably might realise I have changed my blog completely, like different name and the lot ! I just got sick of the blog I had before, I kind of thought the title was a little cheesy and not like me. I hope you like the new layout, I'm still learning how to do this stuff so it may look a little, lets say rustic! 

See you all soon 



  1. I want your bedroom.

    Lovely post xxx

  2. Aw thank you I try to make it as cozy as possible hahaa gonna miss it when I go to uni :( xxx

  3. Funny how things work out like that, huh? :)

    1. Yeah it's strange how in one month it's all terrible and by the end it's looking up. I don't understand :| haha :}