Monthly Muses

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

This month has been great for music and some things beauty, I also decided to contain some more lets say random features in this months faves (the massive plant)
Lets get started:

1. Solait spf 50 ultra UV protection | Light texture mattifying face sun fluid
I know this sounds a mouthful but it has been my ultimate savior within this mostly sunny month.   
I have been using this as my moisturiser before applying makeup, it also works as a primer because of it's mattifying effects it dulls your pores and covers redness as well as protecting you fully from the sun. It tends to last me almost all day, however I do re-apply if I am having a light makeup day and I am outside for most of the day (with having pale skin I have to be extra careful) The product claims to:
Protect you against sun-induced DNA damage 
Have advanced UVA/UVB protection
Provides 24 hour hydration
Non pore blocking
Water resistant 

I know it's very sciency and things but I do believe this stuff works. I tend to normally around this time of year be a little burnt on my nose and neck and have dry skin from the sun and since using this I found a great difference in my skin and it does keep the hydration all day and after I've removed it. I also love the matte effect it gives to my skin and it also works great as a primer especially in the dryer places on my face such as my forehead, temples and nose. 
The only problem I do have with it is the smell, spf always tends to have a not so nice smell but this stuff smells vile, I can't describe it, a little maybe like gone off fruit ? I don't know but all I know is it does not smell pleasant! 
Apart from that though I am so pleased with this product and so far it really has protected my skin from those dreaded rays and kept away my summer dry skin, points all round to that. And at a price of around £4.00 you can't go wrong with a good spf !

2. Ed Sheeran - Multiply (X)

What can I say about this album ? First, it is perfect, I don't know where else to go with this. 
Lets start again, I am in love. Okay I am in love with an album filled with heartache, anger and most of all the acoustic guitar and loop pedal riffs which Ed gets his name for. 
I think after Plus (+) he has really grown up, looking back on the last album he seemed so nieve and just kind of happy to be in the place he is now. This album shows a darker side to his music, he displays this through incredibly fast raps and the best vocal range I have heard for a long time. Don't get me wrong there are still some upbeat songs, however the lyrics are much older, much more thought about I think. My favourite tracks are probably (apart from all of them)  Tenerife Sea (I just love his love songs), Runaway (because it tells a story), The Man (because of it's deep poetic rap in the middle of an incredibly catchy chorus) and Thinking Out Loud (because I can relate to the lyrics and it made me cry) 
I also love the spite and revenge that the album portrays, like he's getting back at someone (we think a girl who's in the music business) and he's finally been brave enough to let his feelings out into a number one album in my opinion. 
Mr Sheeran you've done it again keep doing what you do because it's amazing! 

3. L'oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara

I picked this mascara up as part of a BOGOF deal with a L'oreal super liner mascara. I have to say that it was the packaging that caught my eye (I know shallow) and I didn't really expect much maybe just a little bit of volume, I was just kind of desperate for a new mascara.But once trying it out I really really liked it. I love the way it gives you volume with no clumps, once you've managed to master it that is, it is quite hard to work with at first.The brush is big and has bristles spiraling around it, this is to enhance the curl. Which is perfect for an effortless butterfly looking lash. The reason it is called 'manga' is that it makes your eyes look bigger, like the Japanese cartoon I'm guessing and I really think it does, I have a little bit of lazy eye syndrome and a quick brush on of this makes my eyes look really big and bright and my lashes long. The only problem I do have with it is that it is not a quick drying mascara at all and It normally tends to leave marks of black bellow my eyebrows before drying fully, which is not a good look. 
Apart from that I really do think this is an affordable, effective mascara that can add the big eyed effect to any look. 

4. Soap and Glory - The Righteous Butter | Body Moisturiser 

I know that I am incredibly late to the party with this, but oh my this stuff is amazing! After every single shower or bath I lather this on myself. It sinks in so fast and it nourishes every corner of my skin, as well as smelling beautiful. I tend to add lots to my chest area and arms because after having a hot shower my chest gets really dry red patches almost like eczema and I think if I continued without moisturising it would have turned into eczema! Also on the back of my arms because they are really goose bumby and go this horrid purple colour when I'm cold (pale people will know this grief) I also have a scar on my arm and I have noticed that my arms are softer and my scar is not as prominent. It's also perfect after shaving your legs leaving them as smooth as they can be!
I have nothing bad to say about this product, the only bad thing is I'm quickly running out of this small, tiny tub and will have to invest in a big ol' tub pronto !

5. House Plant - Succulent

And here we reach the elephant in the room (the plant in the room to be precise) I know this is strange and I know that every favourites contains a random thing but this I think is a little too random! I have to include it though because it's my new kind of obsession. I don't know I just like it I like how symmetrical it is and it's like a flower but it's like leaves too. (I'll shut up now I promise) I've just really been enjoying having plants in my room especially in summer. As well as this plant I've been taking flowers from my garden and putting them in vases, I just love wild flowers and plants in general, it really brightens up the room. 
This particular plant is definitely coming with me to university!

6. Optrex Actimist 2in1 Dry and Irritated Eye Spray

In Summer, especially June I suffer from pretty bad hay fever leaving my eyes itchy and sore, also somedays I can't wear makeup because my eyes are so irritable. This stuff has been amazing for my eyes. You spray it onto closed eyes meaning that throughout the day the liquid hydrates the eyes slowly as you blink. I tend to spray it on before putting makeup on and that lasts all day, my eyes being hardly itchy at all, maybe sometimes on my really yucky days 2 to 3 times a day without eye makeup. 
It is pretty pricey but has been the best thing ever this summer, allowing me to wear eye makeup without it making my eyes red and mascara running down my face. If you are a hay fever sufferer or just a dry eyed tired person you need to give this a go!

7. Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long See You Tomorrow 

I have been a very loyal follower to this band ever since their first album sprang to life in 2009. I've seen them live I've even met them (they're such lovely guys) But this album I have to say exceeded all of my expectations. Again like Ed's the band's new album shows that they have matured and playing at the main stage at Glastonbury this year I'm sure they know they have too. The album is full of unusual instruments and Bollywood style tunes and is the perfect album for on the go on your ipod, containing upbeat songs which will bring a spring in your step and those slow lullabies that the band are well known for for those long bus journeys home after work. I have pressed replay on nearly all of the songs in this album especially 'feel' and 'luna'. And of course a Bombay Bicycle Club album is not the same without Lucy Rose's beautiful, pure vocals on top of the track and she's there again, which made me really happy. The album is so smooth and so well produced, I think it will stay on my ipod forever joining the rest of their albums!

Well that's all my monthly obsessions, I hope this post inspires you to try a few or maybe you already have and agree with me.

What have you been loving this month ?

See you all soon 




  1. I have the Miss Manga Mascara & The S&G body butter, and I agree when you say you luvvv 'um.
    I also need to go get myself a house plant, those things are wonderful little creatures xxx

    1. Ahh they are the best arn't they :) And yes I am a little obsessed with house plats now next I want to put them in teacups what ?! xxx

  2. I love the Righteous Butter, it's so lovely! Really want to try the mascara too

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I think a lot of people swear by it ! And oh you should you wont regret that purchase :) xx

  3. The face sunscreen sounds amazing! I still need to get my hands on one as I'm no longer using my foundation with SPF!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. SPF is so important, even when there are cloudy days you need something protecting that face of yours, they're really easy to pick up. I think that this particular one has been discontinued which is a right bummer, the page for it on superdrug has disappeared :( but there are loads of others you can try :)

  4. Love Miss Manga definitely one of my favourite drugstore mascaras! I'm slightly ashamed to say I haven't actually tried anything from S&G but I definitely need to!

    Clothing Conscious// Fashion & Beauty

    1. It's definitely the best I've tried so far, yeah it is pretty pricey but you will never turn back after trying S&G !