The British Tag #TeaLovers

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Source: tumblr #Tea

So yeah I found this post this morning on Emily May's blog and decided like it looked a whole load of fun so here I am cup of tea in hand and ready to be stereotypically British. 

How many cups of tea do you have a day ? How many sugars ?

Around 3 a day, none in the morning, I hate tea in the morning it makes me feel so sick. I like to have a cup when chilling after work and in the evening which is strange because of the caffeine but it helps me sleep strangely. And 2 sugars always 2 sugars <3

Favourite Part of your Sunday Roast ?

Yorkshire puddings and the veg because I'm a vegetarian that's basically all I can have, that and potatoes. 

Favourite Dunking Biscuit ? 

Has to be a good old fashioned digestive, can't get enough of the things. I eat them infront of Gareth dry because he hates the feeling of a dry biscuit in the mouth (only likes them with tea) I am so mean. 

Favourite Quintessentially British Pastime ?

Probably going down by the sea in say November, making a fire, drinking and pretending not to be freezing cold. I'de say that was in the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' British spirit. 

Favourite Word ?

Probably 'vanya' it's like really Northern (Cumbrian to be exact) and it means nearly so a sentence would go like: 

'Watch out I vanya fell over on that pavement!' 

I know it's weird but I just love how Cumbrians have made up their own like ancient language it's amazing. 

Cockney Rhyme Slang ?

Is that kind of like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins Cockney because that was terrible ?!

Because I'm Northern I don't really know what this means, but if it's like the language of Cumbria good luck to people understanding that slang. 

Favourite Sweet/Chocolate ?

My favourite flavour of sweet is watermelon, can't get enough of the stuff ! 
But if I had to choose a favourite British sweet it would probably be bon bons I just love the name and the chewiness mmm 
And my favourite chocolate has to be just plain old milk choc probably Cadbury's yep that's how I roll. 

What Would Your Pub be Called ?

Probably something really ordinary like The Brown Cow. Some of the names of pubs around here are hilarious !

No. 1 British Person ?

John Lennon 

And if it has to be present ?
Bill Nighy, he has starred in some of the best British films to date and I want him to be my Grandad 

Favourite Shop/Restaurant ?

Has to be Lush for British shop
And I think ChoccyWoccyDooDah for restaurant (even though it is actually a cake shop/cafe) but it has to win for the most British name ever !

What British Song Pops into your Head ?

Underworld Born Slippy - Lager Lager

(The end track from the film Trainspotting)


The track that represents Britain moving into the 90's you've gotta love it!

Marmite ?

No no never ever ever 

So that's all the questions I hope I lived up to be a true Briton ! 
Lets keep this tag going shall we ? It's well fun !  

See you all soon 


  1. I saw another blogger do this tag and she said 3 cups of tea a day too! So interesting, I am not a big tea drinker. But I do love some cucumber lemon water! Have you ever tried that?

  2. I absolutely live off cucumber and lemon water ! Especially in the morning when tea is undrinkable, water is so much nicer with things in I've found, like you add in a little touch of lemon and cucumber and it's a whole different drink ! Makes me drink more water aswell which can't be bad haha

  3. Yay you did it! But NOOOO Ciara you have sugar in your tea AND you dunk chocolate biscuits?!?! You are the devil xxx

    1. Digestives don't have to have chocolate on. But i do like the chocolate biscuit/tea combo sorry! :O You are the devil for not having sugar in your tea you bitter twisted witch! :) xxx