A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 4 August 2014

This Monday the things that made me smile especially were:

-The free tastecard I obtained at work which gives me 50% off food at loads of restaurants for a month

-The compliments that I got for my kimono at work

-The barbecue my friend held at her house, we drank wine until the late hours of the night

-The 'Cards Against Humanity Game' that we played all night. This game is my new favourite thing, it fits right in with mine and all of my friend's sense of humour. It is so incredibly offensive and down right awful, but so funny at the same time. If you are easily offended you should not play this game, or you should but take everything with a pinch of salt !

-The candles we lit to commemorate 100 years since World War 1 began. Just a small mark of respect that Britain took part in (and maybe other countries I don't know) we switched off the lights for an hour and just talked around the candle light

-The fact that we're doing all of this again on Wednesday, I love my friends so much !

How was your Monday ?

See you all soon 


  1. I love Cards Against Humanity! So much fun :)

    1. Ah it's a great game ins't it, especially when the people you're with have a great sense of humour !