A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Yes I know that it is now Tuesday, I fell asleep last night before publishing this. 

The things that made me particularly happy this Monday were:

-The fact I got to spend my Monday with Gareth
-The Nutella filled breakfast we consumed 
-The cheese and mustard seed scones we made from scratch, they are so simple to make and so delicious 
-The Netflix game we played, this game consists of closing your eyes, picking a random genre and then watching a random film that you've probably never heard of and is 93% going to be terrible. We chose a film called 'Mardi Gras a Spring Break Story' and we only got through half an hour before turning it off due to ultimate cringe factor

-The walk we went on to my local churchyard, this looks so depressing but I love my local church, it's such a peaceful place to go to and there's nice benches and things to sit on. It's somewhere where you can gather your thoughts and talk honestly. 

-The news that broke that Bombay Bicycle Club are touring with SIVU and PEACE and tickets go on sale on Thursday

How was your Monday ?

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