Autumn 2014 | Wishlist

Saturday, 16 August 2014

As the sky gets greyer and the nights get colder I am getting more and more excited for cozy nights in and layers I just love layers! This might seem a little early for some of you summery people but us autumn and winter lovers can already feel the change, don't stay in denial until September, the heat and the sweatiness is almost over yeyy!

With that I have combined a few things that I find timeless and incredibly useful for Autumn when it's cold but it's not that cold. So here are the things I might treat myself to this autumn:

  1. Petite Lace Bralet | Topshop: Autumnal underwear is a must for me and this pretty little number from topshop really has the season written all over it. Even when it's cold outside we all still want beautiful underwear. 
  2. Green Gingham Checked Tunic Dress | New Look: Last year I became a little obsessed with gingham and I think it might be happening again. This dress could be worn with black tights and boots for those trips into town and would go perfectly with a fitted jacket. 
  3. Lips in Inhibition | Topshop: As the months get colder, my lips tend to go darker. I hardly wear any lipstick in summer but last autumn especially I decided to move out of my lip comfort zone and buy some dark shades, this year I plan to go even darker.   
  4. Stretchy Slouch Cardigan | Topshop: If there is one item on this wishlist that I will actually buy it will be this. If you know me in person you will know that I am obsessed with over-sized cardigans, they are just so warm and comfy and you can throw them on for any occasion and they will look okay (alright maybe not every occasion) I have fallen in love with this big, grey, warm beast and as my other slouch cardigan has died a death after 2 years it's time to rekindle my love with another. 
  5. Red Aztec Print Fringed Wrap Scarf | New Look: This is one of my more daring items on this list, it's literally a huge scarf, so big that's it kind of a coat. Need I say more ?
  6. The Serious Notebook (so people think you know what you're doing) | Topshop: I just really like this, I have a little obsession with notebooks so I thought I'de just put this in. It would also be incredibly useful for uni and all things organisation. 
  7. Gold Coin Disc Layered Necklace | New Look: I always think that autumn necklaces should be small and dainty, I really think that statement necklaces are more for the summer. This one is just the write size to wear with scarves and jumpers and I love gold coin necklaces. 
  8.  Fine Rib Knitted Turban Hat | Asos: I've literally just got into wearing turbans, just using a headscarf and tying it differently. But I really want one of these, I think it's a great and stylish idea to wear when it's just a little chilly on your ears. 
  9. Deena and Ozzy Square Backpack in Oxblood | Urban Outfitters: I'm really a side satchel kind of girl, but these colours are right up my street and I think that a backpack you can just throw over your shoulder is incredibly useful, especially for uni. 
  10. Burgundy Oriental Floral Print Kimono and Shorts | New Look: I really want to be brave enough to wear a two piece but I'm just not, I would buy these though and maybe just wear them separately. The colours are lovely and autumnal too. 
  11. Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Home Candle | Jo Malone: I know, I know! It's extortionate for a candle but have you smelled it ? It smells like autumnal heaven in a jar I swear. 
  12. MOTO Black Joni Jeans | Topshop: Every girl needs a pair of black skinnies for autumn to dress up or down with boots or heels, they're a must. These particular ones from Topshop have always been my favourite. 
  13. 1461 Classic Dr Marten Black Shoe | Dr Martens: As my docs are dying a slow and painful death, I have made the decision to change the style and go for the shoes. I think with a skirt or skinny jeans, or anything! These docs would look amazing, absolute classics. 
 I know that most of the clothes are from Topshop and New Look, I did look in other places I swear but couldn't really find anything that I really 'loved' 
I hope you have enjoyed looking through this list of Autumnal wishes, I might have to treat myself to some.
What are your Autumn wishes ?


  1. This is one of the best lists iv seen. Love 5, I need somethig like that with a Burberry fall feel. I'm doing a giveaway on my blog to mark 1/2 a year of blogging. It's a package perfect for anyone who loves fashion, beauty, and nice things! Details and how to enter at

    1. Aw thankyou and yeah it's exactly like Burberry's fall editions, thought it was unusual and it looks so warm! And okay I will check that out :} ! x

  2. I love #2!

    1. Ah yes can't get enough of that Gingham ! :} x

  3. Great wishlist! Everything is so pretty :)

    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin? Let me know :)