Dear July...

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Well this post is belated. I know that it's like 2 weeks away until September now but I still wanted to write this little post. I couldn't do a monthly favourites because I have literally not bought anything new because I'm saving my money for uni and things. So I thought I would reflect on what July has done for me. Where has this month gone ?! 

Well lets say July, you've been better than June ! I've been able to balance my job and spending time with my friends perfectly this month so I've had the best of both worlds. I worked two jobs for most of this month, taking the bus to my local city almost everyday (which I do say is tedious)  I enjoyed my time at Monsoon so much and was so sad to leave, the job was my first look into retail and I decided there and then that for a part time job, retail is the category for me, seems as I'm a pretty terrible waitress as we know from last month ! The money that I got from the summer job will all be going towards uni and I can say that now I feel more at ease and less of a stress about paying for various necessities like food, phew !

As work was going on Cumbria jumped into it's festival/celebration season, with the carnival and then the blues festival. I also had a few gigs during these weeks which was nice and my friends came along to support me, I've missed being on stage. There were a few certain weekends in July that were memorable and were probably the highlight of my summer so far. It's so nice to spend time with  my friends as we're all off to different places by the end of the summer, some like me are beginning their university adventures and some are starting their second year of uni and some have stable jobs to go back to. As soon as I finished my last job Gareth obtained another meaning we've done a swapsie and he's now working two, it's like we almost did it on purpose! With my job finished with (apart from my part time waitressing) I have the rest of the summer to just relax and spend time with friends before September arrives and it's all systems go for uni ! 
July you've been fun, honestly. 
I'm sorry it's late again
How was your July ?

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