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Saturday, 30 August 2014

As you can probably see this month has been a month of beauty favourites and loves, I don't know how this happened seems as I haven't actually spent a great deal of money this month. They all just seemed to mount up and some I've had for a while and found in my collection and just came to love them. 

And a big high five to me for getting this post up before September !

Shall we begin:

1. Simple Triple Action Face Wash (with zinc and chamomile goodness)

 I picked this face wash up in boots at the beginning of last month. Feeling a little let down from my last face wash which you can read the review about here, I was looking for something that could still remove my blemishes but be a little lighter on the skin. After reading the back of this bottle I was ready to buy it. It claims to give you results from day 1 and deeply cleanse, purify and tone your face harsh enough to remove and keep spots away, but gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. I have been using this face wash for around a month now and have noticed a vast improvement in my skin and the blemishes that spots have left behind, my skin is also so much smoother due to the exfoliant in it, no more sausage roll skin in the winter (you know when your skin decides to reject makeup because it's so cold and kind of creates flakes of pastry skin on your face, not a good look) 

1 ½. Simple Triple Action Spotless Skin Anti Blemish Moisturiser (with zinc and chamomile goodness)  

This is the most recent of these favourites to be added but I was so impressed I had to add it in. Because I found the face wash to be so rewarding from Simple's new skin care range with zinc and chamomile, when I found this little beauty in Bodycare for £2 ! I had to pick it up. And as a predicted it is as good as the face wash. I use this every morning and every night after my face wash and I have found my skin to be so soft after application. It sinks straight into the skin, I also don't use a primer anymore because I find that this covers my pores, softens my skin and keeps my make up on for longer. However because the weather has been quite warm I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup on the face so the real test will come when I wear heavier foundation in the winter and the months of the sausage roll skin (as mentioned above) arrives. I hope this moisturiser becomes a staple, because I have never settled on a moisturiser. 

2. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Deep Nourishing Intense Mask

I picked up this hair mask for around £2 in superdrug and didn't think anything of it, just something to use when my current conditioner runs out, but was I wrong. The first time I used this stuff I used it as a normal conditioner and the results were good, my ends felt soft and my hair was nourished. The next time I used this I decided to see what it was like as a deep conditioner. I washed my hair as usual and then after conditioning with normal conditioner, I lathered this all over my hair and scalp and then put a shower cap on and waited for 2 hours. After rinsing the mask off I could already feel that my hair was soft, but once I left it to naturally dry I ran my fingers through my hair and it was the softest it had ever felt! Now I deep condition my hair with this every two/three weeks or so, in the meantime I just use it on the ends of my hair to keep them smooth. The smell is also to die for, the coconutty goodness is the best and even after a long time without washing my hair (I wash my hair once a week) it stills smells amazing. No matter how dirty my hair feels it will still smell glorious and that's a big ol' tick in my book.


3. YANKEE CANDLE Pineapple Cilantro Burning Tartlet  

I just love the smell of this stuff. I have a vast selection of Yankee Candle tarts and I love them all dearly. They burn for hours on end and the smell takes a long time to run out. This scent is new and is the perfect relaxing summer smell, it fills up the whole room with pinacolada and holiday vibes. Summer's coming to an end soon so just for those last days burn this and even if it's raining outside you can still have a tropical island in your bedroom.

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream 

Me and this little nifty bottle have had a love hate relationship. When I first bought this BB cream and applied  it I thought it was whey whey too dark for my skin and I quickly left it alone, thinking it was a failure buy. However a few weeks later I stopped using the concealer I had as I found it was too dark for my skin and suddenly had a eureka moment. I applied the BB cream without the concealer and low and behold, it looked like a second skin it was the concealer all along ! Now I can't go out of the house without this cream on my face, it disguises my pores and my blemishes and gives me enough coverage for the day but still looks light and natural. Also the amount you need is minuscule so it lasts for a long time. It also contains tea tree and claims to fix your spots and blemishes as you wear it. I explain to my friends that it's like wearing a see through face mask all day because that's what it feels like you can feel all the good it's doing as well as the coverage it's giving you. However it's the perfect product now but I will maybe need more coverage in the winter although this stuff is buildable. I wonder how it will cope with sausage roll skin ? (there is a sausage roll theme in this blog post sorry)


5. Got2b Oil-licious with Argan Oil Tame and Shine Styling Oil

Because I am on a budget I found that this oil is a great dupe for the Garnier Ultimate Blends the sleek restorer oil which I think is hella expensive for the size of the bottle!
I've always been a little terrified of oils, they look like they'd make your hair so incredibly greasy. But after seeing some reviews of oils and things my hair type looked perfect for oil as it is thick and dries easily into frizz. After seeing the extortionate pricing of the ultimate blends I scoured the shelves for a cheaper alternative when I found this. It looked the same consistency and contained argan oil and at a price of £3.69 it was worth a try.  It is a heat protectant so I squirt a little of this into my hands and just put it on the ends of my hair before straightening or curling, also after I've washed my hair I comb a little of this through before blow drying. I've found that my hair feels silkier and I definitely have less fly-aways and the smell is lovely, so coconutty.


With my hair mask, tartlet and oil I'm going to smell like a walking coconut but there's nothing wrong with that in my eyes!      
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite things this month, sorry they're nearly all beauty related I wouldn't really call my followers beauty bloggers but ah well 
Have you been loving any of these things this month ?
 I'd love to know.

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  1. I love Simple products so may have to give that face wash and moisturiser a try. I have a different BB Cream from The Body Shop - The All-In-One BB Cream and just love it! I was intrigued by the Tea Tree one at the time though. Enjoy reading some of your favourites.
    Bits & Bobs