Stay at Home Summer

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The summer holidays can be hard, especially if you are currently un-employed or your working hours are low. It's a lot of time to fill and if your not careful can cause extreme cabin fever. Especially if you live far away from a busy city or town centre, where you can't just walk to starbucks and sit yourself down with a nice brew and do some people watching. A day or a week off is sometimes exactly what we need but the novelty will probably wear off 2 weeks into doing absolutely nothing  I have had this problem nearly every summer living in such an isolated place and everyone being at work. Yes I had a job for most of the summer this year but last year I was un-employed for the whole of the summer and when I wasn't spending time with friends I was staying at home trying to find things to stop me going stir crazy. 

I have created a little list of things to help you deal with a 'stay at home summer' and how to stop you going round the bend in your own household:

  1. Try not to have too many 'lie ins'- Instead set a time (it doesn't have to be too early) to get yourself up and showered  and ready for the day. This will help you become more motivated for the day ahead and wont make you feel like a sloth with no energy whatsoever. I tend to get up at half past 9 everyday, even though I'm maybe not doing anything important, it just helps me feel loads more awake and motivated to do things. If I sleep until 11-12 o'clock I end up feeling incredibly tired and ill all day, I wont shower, I wont get dressed and I probably wont eat anything because to me, half the day is wasted anyway so why bother getting dressed. Yes a pyjama day is great sometimes but not everyday, it will turn your brain to mush.
  2. Try to still have a decent breakfast and lunch - Even though you're not doing anything special, your body still needs energy for the day ahead so don't skip breakfast and still have the same as you would have before a full day of work or school. Also with lunch don't leave it too late. I am a divil for this, It can get to 4 o'clock and I will realise that I have had nothing to eat since breakfast, so I just go straight for the crisps. Give yourself a time that you will go into the kitchen and make something to eat, even if it's small like cheese and crackers to put you on before tea, so you don't start that naughty snacking. 
  3. Drink plenty of water - Well it doesn't have to be water, just make sure you are drinking the same amount of liquid as you would do on a busy day at work or school. It can be easy to forget to drink all day when you are not doing anything, your body might not even feel thirsty because you aren't using too much energy but it is still important to drink. I used to not drink anything all day and by about 6 o'clock my body would give me a cracking bad head because I was so dehydrated and just didn't know it.  
  4. Take laptop breaks - Just like school or work it is crucial to take a break from your laptop, even if you have nothing else to do. Pick up a book or something even if it's just for an hour. 
  5. Be nice and do some chores - If you still live with your family be nice and do some chores for them. Even if it's just hoovering or washing the dishes from the morning. There is nothing worse than coming home from work to a full bowl or dishwasher of dishes that haven't been cleaned. Tidying isn't the most exciting of things to do, but it prevents boredom and puts you in the good books with your family. Remember when it's sunny outside you could maybe put some washing out or mow the lawn. The best thing to do is ask your family what they want you to do when they are at work, or maybe you could just surprise them with a cleaner house when they get back. 
  6. Try and find a project to do - You have so much time to do something new, don't waste it. Start a blog, paint something, create something, improve on some skills. I'm currently trying hard to learn the guitar so I will practice at least once a day for an hour or more, hopefully by the end of the summer I can string some chords together. 
  7. Organise things - Get your friends involved, they're probably as bored as you are if they aren't working. Organise a time where they can come over. If they are busy look for something bigger like book a music festival, a holiday or a gig that you and your friends can go to when they aren't busy. They would appreciate it with all the free time you have if you could book it all and it stops you from getting bored with something to do. It is summer after all.
  8. Go outside ! - When being at home for so long, you kind of forget that there is an outside with a breeze and sun. Go there, once a day you should pop your head out of the door, just so you don't become a vampire or some kind of strange Golem-like creature blinded by the natural light. Even if you're on your own go for a walk, explore where you live, I guarantee you'll find some beautiful new places.   
That's all my tips for a 'stay at home summer' they have all helped me and don't forget to try and spend as much time with your friends as you can if they are not busy, especially if this is your last summer together before uni, try and make it special one. I hope this has helped you in some way. If I stop one person getting cabin fever I will be happy. If you have anymore tips to add to this don't be afraid to leave them in the comments. And don't forget to tell me how your summer has been !

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