The Cumbria Colour Run 2014

Monday, 11 August 2014

On Sunday the 3rd of August me and Gareth traveled down to Muncaster Castle in Cumbria to compete in a fun run with a twist. The Colour Run was originally created by Newbalance and is pretty big down south, but up here in the middle of no-where this was the first thing we had heard about it. Basically a colour run is a normal fun run for a chosen charity, it is normally 5 kilometers long or you do have a choice of doing 1 kilometer as well. But the twist is that ever kilometer you pass, there are people standing at posts around the course with cups of coloured powder paint ready to throw right in your direction. This particular run was to raise money for Hospice at Home a local Cumbrian charity and we all ended up raising around £10,000 something ! It was such a great day out and with the training that me and Gareth had put in for the run I can say that we were both proud of doing this, as this was our very first race/sporting event since school !

I would like to thank Gareth for persuading me to do this amazing thing, as I was very reluctant at first and even on the day. You see I hate being out of my comfort zone and running infront of 700 people who are also running and are probably running faster than you seemed pretty daunting to me. But I enjoyed it, the race was hard and I did feel like giving up many times but Gareth kept me going and ran with me which was nice because I recon he could have done so much better in the ranking, but as he said it is a charity race and it was nice not to be competitive, because I hate that kind of mind frame with people. Everyone got on and helped each other while the run was going on and afterwards when you got to the finish line there were people there to give you a round of applause and throw even more paint on you. Me and Gareth came in the ranking at around 40th place, which out of 700 people isn't at all bad ! 

After the race was over we were told to go over to the local radio station stage where they were going to perform a 'final fling' with all the racers. This was basically a whole crowd of people throwing powder paint into the air, which as you would probably guess, is the best photo opportunity ever ! After the race we got changed, had lunch and then used our free entrance to the castle very wisely, wandering round the castle grounds, the owlery and the little cute shops. 

Before the race

During the race (bad phone quality)
Not only humans competed
Coming over the finish line 

Having a bit of photography fun

The final fling


 I had such a great experience and I will definitely be doing it again next year. It's been a real eye opener for me to know that I can do something like this and enjoy it, even with 700 people. I just need the right person to hold my hand. 

I urge you all to try out the colour run it's so much fun and you can raise so much for charity ! 
Have you taken part in any races this summer ?

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