Veggie Friendly Friday

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Whilst thinking up new ideas for my blog I decided that I wanted to post more recipes and foody things on here, seems as I have a boyfriend who is passionate about food and makes great meals and seems as though he has taught me a few things I might as well use them. So here we go a weekly post (hopefully) that is based around vegetarian cooking and how to make veggie meals more exciting. 

Having been a vegetarian for 6 years now I know that it can be frustrating trying to find new and interesting foods. I'm sure any vegetarian reading this will know that at first you seem to get caught in a vicious cycle of macaroni cheese and even though I love that as much as the next person, you can't eat it all the time and get enough goodness from it.

So here we is my little weekly Friday post featuring recipes for vegetarians and none vegetarians alike.

(These are not step by step recipe posts, just suggestions into what you could do to make meals more exciting so by any means accompany these lovely veggie foods with anything you feel like)

Quorn Lamb Style Grills With Mediterranean Veg and Couscous 

These lamb grills I found to be so versatile, they already seemed to have a minty, saucy flavouring rubbed into them and by the first smell you could have swore it was actually a slice of lamb.
For tea we decided to pair this main with a side of Mediterranean vegetable, just sauted onions, charred peppers, garlic and tomato if you feel like it drizzled with oil and mixed spice and placed into the oven.
We then added a shop bought pack of couscous into a pan with water and once the lamb was ready it was ready to serve.

A simple quick and easy meal with a Mediterranean edge that's pretty healthy and meat free !

   Now for the taste test:

The Quorn lamb grills were scarily close to actual, real lamb going into my mouth. From what I remember lamb tasting like it had the same almost greasy texture to it and with the mint flavouring it really kicked off your taste buds. I would advise if you are the kind of veggie that doesn't like a real likeness to meat in taste and texture, this particular piece of quorn wouldn't be for you, but I think with the couscous and veg I found it manageable to eat happily. I think overall this meal was pretty tasty, but I don't think these lamb style grills would be able to cope in say a sunday roast, the mint is too over powering but for this kind of light meal the lamb really complimented the Mediterranean twist of flavours.

What would you add to this meal to make it your own ?
Would you try these lamb grills for a healthier, more alternative option ?

 See you all soon 

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