Veggie Friendly Friday

Friday, 15 August 2014

A Picky Platter

A selection of cheese, hummus and veggies 

One thing you have to know about being a veggie is that you do not have to eat a meat substitute with every meal. Recently I've been eating a lot of quorn and even though it is good for you and boosts your protein, it can get a little boring. So when Gareth mentioned the words 'Camembert' to me I instantly had this kind of meal in my head we rushed to Asda (straight into the reduced section we're not stupid) and picked up a portion of camembert cheese, 4 different types of hummus (we love our hummus), a sweet potato, some mozzarella, some green beans and sweetcorn and a big loaf of crusty bread.  

These kind of meals are my favourite, just bang everything on a plate and just take what you want. Gareth made sweet potato fries and then chucked in the reduced veg and seasoned it to liven it up again. Then it was just the task of heating up the camembert and the bread and everything was ready to eat, simple as that!

This meal was so satisfying and I was full up all night, it was a nice change from the quorn dishes I've been eating recently and we even had enough hummus for lunch the next day! Now I would say that was a bargain meal made with little to no effort. 

What's your favourite kind of meal ?

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