Veggie Friendly Friday

Friday, 29 August 2014

Linda McCartney 1/4 lb Mozzarella Burgers

Ah I love the Linda McCartney brand, I love how wholesome the packaging is and how it tells you a little bit about Linda McCartney and her life. But my favourite thing from the Linda McCartney label are these veggie burgers. You see I'm not really a fan of the all too common 'veggie bean burger' bleurgh ! Who wants to eat a cluster of tasteless beans held together by nothing, bread crumbed and fried, no thank you !
That's why I love these burger because they are a soya based beef style burger, which gives you the solid bite of a beef burger without the beef (obviously) Also what they've also done the wee geniuses is added a hunk load of mozzarella cheese into the burger to add to the texture and the taste to make it chewer, so it doesn't fall apart like a bean burger. 

The only problem about these burgers for some vegetarians is the texture. Many people who have turned vegetarian don't like to eat what some people call 'meat substitutes' when the food looks like an actual piece of meat. This burger has this flaw, when I first bought these I was worried about this because the texture of meat makes me a little sick and I didn't find it very ethical as a veggie to eat something that looks exactly like what I'm trying to get away from. But once I tried it I was hooked, the burger doesn't taste like meat, more like a big, hot chunk of cheese in bread mmm but with more solidness to it.

 It is also an exceptional source of protein and iron for all those almost anemic people out there like me. Even if you're not a vegetarian these burgers are a great healthy alternative from the normal fatty beef ones. They fill you up all day and like a normal burger you can have it for lunch or dinner. When my friends are having a barbecue I always tend to bring these along with me because you can barbecue them and they are a great alternative. I usually eat these burgers in a roll with salad and mayo served with chips normally or on its own with fried onions.

I would urge all of you bean burger haters to try this one because you will never go back ! 


  1. I can never reply to your comments and I have no idea why! The little reply button never shows up! But I don't want you to think I ignore you ahah! I am so jealous that you get to visit Dublin once a year though, I might see if I can persuade my Nana to make the move ahhaah! And yes Temple Bar was definitely a highlight of my trip! :) xo

    1. Aw no :( Ah I love Dublin so much and you really should go more than once you'll always find something different it's such a great city ! :} x