Veggie Friendly Friday

Friday, 8 August 2014

Marks & Spencer's Very Own Veggie Percy Pigs 

Being a vegetarian can have it's frustrating times, such as when your friends wap out a wopping packet of Haribo's which famously contain a load of gelatine. You can be left down hearted and just a little bit sugar deprived. Well my friends I have found a solution, sweeties made just for us ! 
M&S explain on the packet that the sweets have 'the green ear guarantee' meaning that they contain absolutely no meat products and are completely suitable for veggies. They also have less fat in them than the normal Percy Pigs from M&S so even if you arn't veggie but you are watching your weight but want a naughty sweet to keep you going, these are the sweets for you !

Now for the taste test:

I have to say that they do have a strange texture. Because there is no gelatine to hold it together they don't have that chewy taste to them, which I kind of like. I would probably describe them more as marshmallowy than gummy. Also I do find the taste of these pretty artificial, the strawberry flavour is too sharp and leaves this strange almost too sweet taste in your mouth. However I have been told that the whole Percy Pig range are known to taste artificial. However these sweets still seem to be incredibly addictive, I'm not normally one for gummy sweets just due to the gelatine in them and things but you do seem to find yourself eating tonnes of these without thinking. 

I do think these sweets are a good replacement to haribos at a social haribo sweet fest with friends. But I probably wouldn't eat them sat on my own, the artificial strawberry flavour really lets them down. I can see what M&S are doing and it is rare to find a sweet like this which is completely gelatine free, they maybe just need to work on their flavours.

If you know anymore veggie friendly gummies that are around, do let me know. 
Still trying to get over the Haribo envy !


  1. I love love Percy Pigs hahah. Although I'm not vegetarian, nice review! It'll be interesting to try one of these veggie gummies (: xx.

    1. Yeah when I was buying them there are something like 5 different gummies you can buy, I'm guessing they're all different flavours you should try them out and thank you :} xx

  2. Oh gosh. I love gummy..everything. These look so cute tbh, I think it'd try them only to bite their ears off.
    Off-topic: could you somehow include the g+ button or the followers button?I really dig your blog, but it's hard for me to always check back. (and i'm not a die-hard twitter user) x

    1. They are really cute and so is the packaging :} And yeah of course I'll do that now, thank you it means a lot ! x