A Generic Day at the Zoo

Monday, 8 September 2014

This week my Nanna is over from Ireland, because she only comes once a year we decided to do all the 'family day out' activities we could. So it was off to the zoo we went. I'm in two minds about the zoo, I still think in the back of my mind that it is wrong and these animals are not free no matter how natural you make their environment look like. However this particular zoo South Lakes Safari does everything in it's power to make sure that the animals are as happy as they can be, they also do a lot of conservation work for saving animals in Africa and things which I highly agree with, they also do a lot of work with children, educating the younger generation about poaching and the dangers that wild animals face is crucial for change. When feeding the wild cats they hide the food around the enclosure and attach the meat to poles so that they can have a hunting experience, simulating the adrenaline they have in the wild, better than feeding them in a bowl like a domesticated cat. Seeing the animals with my own eyes I can see that they seem content and many have huge enclosures or are allowed to roam free, it is a totally different environment than any other zoo I have been to and you can tell that it isn't all about consuming and more about the animal's welfare.

It was an incredibly sunny day meaning all the animals were in great form having a sunbath and just watching the world go by. The bears displayed their swimming skills and the lemurs were just down right cute.

Look at that cuteness though
Happiest moment of his life
Forever alone

Head scarf - Vintage shop in Eduburgh
Sunglasses - Vintage Shop
Necklaces- Asos
Kimono - Monsoon
Jacket - Love Label

I enjoyed a day at the zoo, despite my moral obligations. I think sometimes it's better to look at the positives even when there are still negatives. It was also really nice to spend quality time with the family.

I would love to hear about your opinions on all things zoo?

Peace and love 

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  1. Great pics. The tiger is so cute.