A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

It's less than a week before I head off to University so this week will be filled with frantic shopping and packing, so to have a relaxed start to the week was wonderful. 

These are the things that made me particularly happy this Monday:

-Beginning a new book (Paper Towns by John Green btw if anyone's interested) 
-Having cuddles with Gareth's dog because she was poorly and now she's not
-Heading down the shore to spend time with my best friends before we all head off to uni this week. During every summer since I can remember me and my friends used to go down on to the shore and light a fire, sit there talking and drinking until we were literally too cold to carry on, then we would get a takeaway and talk all the way home. This year there have only been a few times where we could have done this due to work and all that grown up stuff, we made time to do it one last time though. The beach has been a huge part of mine and my friends life, it's where we used to go before we were allowed to go to pubs, it's where we would spend so many nights together just sitting and talking and laughing and it's quite hard to say goodbye to something so special. But I'm sure we will venture down in December over the Christmas hols (yes December we are that hardcore) It was really nice to see my good ol' pals Emily and Adam before they set off down south to uni but I know that we'll stay in touch. 
-The cheese and pineapple takeaway we got on the way home, because you know; it's tradition
-The TV series called 'Glue' that began on E4 I have decided it's going to be the replacement for the 'skins' shaped hole in my heart. 

How was your Monday ?


  1. I read Paper Towns, I really liked it :) I saw the trailer for Glue, it does look a lot like Skins...wonder if it is as good.

    Bethan Likes

    1. I really liked it and I'm still watching it, don't think it's got the edge that skins had but it is still really enjoyable :) sorry for the late reply x

  2. Hi
    ich habe dich für den "Liebster Award" nominiert. Würde mich freuen wenn du die Nominierung annimmst.

    Hier der Link: http://lebenswert2014.blogspot.de/2014/09/liebster-award.html
    lg Sunny