Veggie Friendly Friday

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Linda McCartney Fish Free Scampi

The thing is when I ate meat and fish I absolutely hated scampi but I can't get enough of this stuff. They look so much like real scampi, creepily real like with the red line down the back like real scampi hmm. But I do trust the Linda McCartney range and the fact it is illegal to lie on produce packets, I think I'm safe These scampi's are incredibly hard to find. I looked all over Cumbria after trying these and the only place I get it is Sainsburys but only sometimes (I have a feeling they're not too popular) They taste like fish and are a great source of protein, however the texture is rather like chicken but I kind of like this in a strange way (I'm really not selling this too you am I?) They can be eaten as a quick snack or a whole meal. 

I tend to eat them the classic scampi way, with chips and peas and lemon and what not. But they can be eaten in loads of ways such as in a seafood stirfry replacement. I can't get enough of this stuff but I can see that they're not for everyone, it seems to be that fake fish is a step too far. I myself think it's a great idea for us veggies.

See what you think if you can get hold of them. 

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