Dear September/October...

Sunday, 19 October 2014

What can I say ? These couple have months have given me some changes. I should probably
 start with moving to uni, even though I've only moved 20 miles away from home it did take the same mental stimulation to be okay with the idea. I went through stages of telling myself I had made the wrong choice, 'you should have moved further away' or 'you should just not go to uni at all, think of the dept and the effort'. I wasn't too bothered about these thoughts though, everyone goes through these moments of doubt and I just shoved them to the back of my mind. I'm so glad I made this decision, I don't care if I moved 20 miles or 200 miles I see it as being the same thing, I still feel homesick, I still need to provide for myself, I still need to cook and clean for myself and I still need to get used to a cat-less bed. The only difference is that I already knew where everything was which was so useful when you have a flat full of people from the south. It also helped me settle in faster, knowing that I just have an hour and a half bus journey home. 
The first two weeks of uni were a blur, freshers was the most fun and I felt myself turning into a social butterfly which is completely surprising because I normally keep myself to my self, however I thought that I am going to uni and I might aswell seize every opportunity I can get to socialize. I hardly took any photos of freshers on my phone just because I was completely living in the moment, I did however have a disposable with me so I can't wait to get those developed. After freshers had settled down I found myself being torpedoed into this new way of academic thinking, having taken a gap year and a photography course I completely forgot about maths and essays and such, I was just used to taking photos and writing about them. After the initial shock I've learned to love my new course and all the new things I'm learning and even the essays because the subjects are so interesting. I also have seemed to have found myself a little job on the cards, just weekends in a well known retail store, I love working in retail and I have a slight obsession with buttons on tills so I think this job will be alright. 

I'm so glad it's October now, although this October's going pretty differently than last year. Normally I would be having late evening walks with Gareth and Domino up the woods, I kind of miss that. But I know that we will get to do it again because I'm going home pretty soon. I'm getting into a routine now which is always a good thing and I completed my first clothes wash the other day with no hiccups. Walking through town with a newly purchased clothes horse has to be  the most adult thing I've ever done. Things have changed and I'm surprised I'm okay with it. This week will consist of essays and gallons of tomato soup, but I'm not complaining I kind of love this new lifestyle. 

How have your months been lately ?


  1. I think we all go through stages where we are not sure what we are doing, or doubt ourselves. Perfectly normal or so I hear.. Autumn is soup weather for sure!

    1. Yep exactly it's completely normal :) and I couldn't agree with you more there !