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Sunday, 26 October 2014

As you can probably see this months favourites are a little, lets say mixed. I didn't do one of these posts last month because I basically had nothing new to show for it (hashtag studentlife) and I hadn't really picked up anything that I thought was amazing, yep last month was full of plastic wallets, pens and printer ink oh how fun!  But this month I have managed to gather a few things, I wouldn't say they are new, but I would say they are my faves at the moment, I also have a few more things that aren't in this image (naughty) to add to the end.

Shall we begin:

1.Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo 

I picked this up on a whim when my current dry shampoo ran out, I was looking at the price of the Batiste range and I believe that the price now just doesn't live up to the product. I used to use Batiste because it was easy and cheap, however after using other dry shampoo's it really isn't the best. After tutting to myself at how expensive Batiste is now I came across this bottle on the shelf underneath and decided to buy it, as it was only around £2 ! I love the stuff, you spray it into the roots of your hair and it instantly volumises and softens, it also doesn't leave any white marks (unlike Batiste) and I find the smell a lot more clean and refreshing. I think this will have to be a repurchase for the price and the quality. 

2. The Guardian Weekend Magazine

This is not a new favourite for me, I've been reading The Guardian magazine for as long as I remember, but now I'm at uni it has come in so handy. I always think that The Guardian has a bad stigma of being this upper class, pretentiously written newspaper, but that is far from the truth, the magazine that is released every weekend is full of interesting articles and interviews, with different sections and topics to suit everyone be it beauty, politics, fashion, gardening, cooking, it's like a huge lifestyle blog with pages! Now I'm at Uni me and my Mum have this little dynamic going on, she'll save the magazines she buys and then send me them in a chunk so I have so much to read and catch up on. So next time you walk past The Guardian stall in your local newsagents, just pick up The Weekend, you don't have to read the newspaper, God there's no time for that give it to a parent they'll enjoy it honestly. But blogger to blogger, go on give it a read, it will change your perception of the 'pretentious' Guardian.  

3. Primark Pyjama Bottoms 

Need I say more. Affordable pyjama bottoms that are as soft as a babies bum and just look at that tartan!

4. A Stapler Shaped like a Whale 

My Mum bought this for me as a going to uni gift from Tiger. It's shaped like a whale, but it's a stapler and it makes stapling work so rewarding. Good one Mum!

5. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 

Yep, I've fallen out with wipes they just clog up your skin even more. I picked this up due to curiosity really and a few blog posts that I read on it and I can safely say it has saved my skin from red raw rubbing. You just take a cotton pad, sprinkle some of this on and remove all your makeup in one sweep. It's a miracle! and I wish I purchased it sooner. 

6. Barry M Gelly Autumnal Range 

Aren't the colours just the greatest ?! I had too treat myself to these and the good news is that there is now more from the range that I need in my life. I picked up the colour 'cocoa' which is a dark brown with little tinge of purple, it looks gorgeous on the nails and is perfect for this season. I also picked up colour 'cardamom' which is like a muted green, I love nail varnish that isn't too bright but can still catch your eye sometimes and it's also an unusual colour for me to wear but I've fallen in love with it.I also love the Barry M Gelly range so much, the varnish just glides on and after 2 coats it's finished, it also lasts forever and when it is chipped you can easily just top it up and it sinks right in. 

7. Alt J - This is All Yours

Can you fall in love with an album ? Because I think I'm having an affair if so. I've been a huge fan of these boys since they began, I love how they combine physics and music together to make the most beautiful sounds. This album (as all good second albums should) has matured vastly, you can tell that the band have thought about every single track, the lyrics are so poetic and the riffs are to die for, I'm also glad they kept the Indian vibe for one song, that made me very happy indeed. The album gives me this strange feeling in the back of my neck and I love how they've connected both albums creating a 'bloodlfood pt 2' I could sit there for hours and listen to both, one after the other, on repeat, forever. I'm getting too passionate now I'll shut up. 

8. American Horror Story - Freak Show 

The highlight to my Halloween every year, this year they've brought us a circus setting with clowns and the lot. Yes a terrifying clown that murders people and keeps them in cages and doesn't speak and has a huge secret, a clown that is so terrifying he invaded my dreams the other night my God ! I love all the characters so far but I don't think this year will beat 'Coven' for me, I'll just have to wait patiently and try not to get murdered by clowns in the meantime. 

Oo there you go, two sneaky extras to indulge in, I don't own physical copies because (hashtag studentlife)
What have you been loving this month ? 


  1. Primark pjs there is nothing better! I can't help but buy them every time I go haha
    Bethan Likes

    1. Oh God sames! I always stock up on PJ bottoms everytime I go too :)

  2. asylum was probably my favourite season, but i am SO excited about freakshow too. you're not the only one having nightmares of twisty the clown. he's so scary!!!

    1. Me too I love all the characters so far and stuff and oh I know I think it's the fact that he doesn't speak as well which makes him more scary !