The Sweater Weather (or jumper if you're British) Tag

Friday, 17 October 2014

Ah Autumn ! You have always been my favourite season, maybe it's the layers, the crunchy leaves, the bonfires or even the fact that my hair colour is always in when this season comes around. I currently am still settling into uni and trying to be a complete social butterfly (which has surprised me too don't worry) I also have 2 essays due in 2 weeks, I'm not used to all these deadlines so I'm working hard this week. I decided to do this wee tag post just because of ease and I love answering these even though they are seen to be a bit old school now. 

Without further ado we shall crack on:

1- Favourite candle scent ?
mmm I love anything spicy, literally can't stand sweet scented candles. I think my favourtite at the moment (even though I'm not allowed candles at uni boo hiss!) is probably Yankee Candle's new scent 'spiced orange' citrus and cinnamon is an absolute win for me. Second to that I would also choose Yankee Candle's 'home sweet home' it is the definition of comfort with notes of chai and cinnamon. I also like scents with either fig or coconut all year round. 
2- Coffee, tea or hot chocolate ?

Seems as I now can't have caffeine which is such a shame, I tend to resort to a warming spicy chai tea or when I need a little pick me a small hot chocolate, I can't drink a whole one. Little trick; when in Starbucks order a children's hot chocolate, it is loads cheaper and it comes in this dinky mug and it's just all round perfect if you just need a little comforter but you don't want that sickly, ill feeling from too much chocolate.

3- What's the best autumn memory you have ?
Walking through the local woods, flask of tea in hand, Dr Martens laced up, leaves under my feet, Gareth by my side, a dog lead round my neck and a camera over my shoulder.    
 4- Which makeup trend do you prefer: Dark lips or winged eyeliner ?
Can I say both ? I would probably wear winged eyeliner more but I am starting to become more confident in the dark lipstick spectrum. 

5- Best fragrance for autumn ?
I'm a skint uni student at the moment so I'm currently wearing a thing called febreze. Joking obviously, I would probably say lady gaga's 'fame' It's so dark and musky, perfect for crisp autumnal days.  
6- Favourite thanksgiving food ?
Seems as I'm British and don't celebrate Thanksgiving I'm just going to class this as 'favourite autumn food?' Which of course would be mashed potato. 
7- What is autumn weather like where you live ?

Either torrential English rain (which I love by the way) or crisp sunny mornings which soon turn into cold windy afternoons, but what I love for are the autumnal evenings, where the sun is low in the sky and darkness is just around the corner, you can be walking in broad daylight and then you'll blink and it will be nighttime, I kind of like that in a weird way. 
8- Most worn sweater/jumper ?

Probably this long grey number I have, it goes with everything, it's ultra cosy and goes with every single scarf I own. I also tend to steal Gareth's jumpers because I love men's autumn and winter fashion, I also love anything baggy.
9- Must have nail polish this autumn ?

I only wear Barry M and I am so excited for their autumn collection, the colours are amazing from burnt orange to a leafy, pale green. I'm actually going to pick some up tomorrow I can't not have autumn nails. 

10- Football games or jumping in leaf piles ?

Leaf piles, me ? football ? pffft!
11- Skinny jeans or leggings ?

Skinny jeans, black preferably 
12- Combat boots or Uggs ?

Dr Martens obviously 

13- Is pumpkin spice worth the hype ?

I don't drink coffee and you can only get it in coffee so I will never know (sad face)

14- Favourite autumn TV Show ?

American Horror Story ! So excited !

15- What song really gets you into the autumn spirit ?

Anything Bombay Bicycle Club, James Blake, Tom Odell or Ben Howard and obviously anything Fleetwood Mac or The Smiths because well, Fleetwood Mac and The Smiths. 

I hope this post wasn't too boring I'll be back on form soon I promise.
I tag anyone who wants to do this tag it is quite fun

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