Uni Room and Campus Tour

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hello again, it's been a long time and I can only apologise I've been settling in at uni, enjoying freshers and the company of my lovely new flat mates. But here I am back for good, I've missed posting on Mondays and well just posting things in general, I haven't touched my camera in over a month but I have been taking disposables and having a right ol' good time. Uni's great, it couldn't have gone better so far. Being at uni and being close to home is the absolute best of both worlds, I have my own independent living but I know if anything goes wrong or I just need a cuddle with a cat I can just travel 20 miles and I'll be back home. I've fallen in love with my course already and for the first time since my Alevels I feel like I really should be here and it feels right. I decided to take some pictures of my uni room for all you nosey people out there and some of the campus because, well it's just such a beautiful building. 

 The campus where I'm studying psychology is an old war time hospital, the architecture is so inspiring and I 
really want to take a little sketch book out there on a Sunday morning when no one's around. Because it used to be a hospital the corridors are huge and there are some incredibly creepy rooms. Fun fact ! I was actually born in this particular building just in the room with the three windows to the right, weird!

 The campus consists of three main study buildings, which were all part of the old  hospital. A newer building nicknamed 'the learning gateway' this building consists of three floors of bean bags and study space for those quiet essay writing days. There is also a bar on campus where the drinks are dirt cheap and a gym which to your surprise I haven't ventured in yet. 

The campus also has a small chapel which is so cute, consisting of a piano and alter. I am no Christian but I would love to have a little look around here one day just because it looks so cute. The actual halls where I'm living at the moment are just to the right of the chapel in this picture. Honestly it is the best thing ever to just get out of bed and venture to a lecture which is literally around the corner and I love how close they are to the town centre too.

The halls are simple but lovely, they consist of 3 blocks of flats going up to 13 so there are many residence living in one place which is great for socialising and also spying on people from the kitchen hee hee. There is also a lovely courtyard with seats and lots of plants where you can sit and watch the world go by. And there is also a resident cat that comes and visits which makes it so much better. 

I tried to make my room as homely as possible without it being cluttered, I cant settle somewhere if it doesn't feel homely. I brought lots of things from home even though I live a short while away but I wanted to feel like I was actually moving out. I love everything about the room apart from the colour scheme, peachy pink walls, blue floor and dark blue curtains aren't really my idea of fun but I think I have made it work and I'm starting to get used to it now. 

Gareth visited on a particularly bad day last week (I hate student finance) we just bumped into eachother in the street. He took me to a market and bought me the most beautiful flowers that completed my room so perfectly, they were all my favourite kinds of flowers and I love the white and green combination, they were so big I had to steal the biscuit jar from the kitchen to put them in, sorry flat mates!

 I'm really loving uni right now, I love where I'm living and who I'm living with. I don't actually care that I didn't travel miles from home, it still feels the same, I'm proud of myself for making this decision and I have a feeling I wont be changing my mind anytime soon. 

Have any of you just started University ?
How do you feel ?
How far did you go? 

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