A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

This week has consisted of essays once more and movie nights which are the best thing in the world when you have a flat full of people who share the same film taste as you. 

The things that made me particularly happy this week were:

-The fact it is getting so much colder, which some of you will probably hate but I just adore this weather.
-The adorable attic vintage shop I came upon which I could spend literally all day in. 
-The late night Christmas shop and coffee stop I had with Gareth (Yes I am trying to start early this year)
-The amount of reading I have been doing, not just leasurly books but actual academic stuff which I find interesting, oh yeah and the Freud comic book I found in our library. 
-The fact I have completed two essays now for uni and everything seems to be fine with them (yeyy for no plagiarism !)
- Malted Milks, why have I not heard of these before ?!
-The lovely conversation I had on the phone with my best, birthday friend Emily, it was so nice to have a crack and talk about both our uni experiences and of course have a little feminist rant !
-The quiz night we came second in tonight, the music round was my favourite and the alcohol that was on offer!

How was your Monday ?

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  1. It was lovely to talk to you too dear, miss you!!