A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

These past two weeks have consisted of; work time, uni time, friend time and family time. I think it's time for a bit of a catch up don't you? 

The things that made me particularly happy this week were:

-How Christmassy I feel, literally I never feel unintentionally Christmassy until around Christmas Eve-ish but this year there's just something that has triggered within me; my internal Christmas spirit has arisen too early. It was maybe due to the Christmas lights switch on me and my flat mates attended where the band 'Neon Jungle' started singing and the whole stage started deflating on them and the crowds were in fits of laughter, you know when your in Cumbria when something like that happens and the whole crowd goes 'wheeeey' Poor Neon Jungle, I did feel sorry for them but it did kind of make my night as well. Not going to lie. 

-Lidl iced ginger bread bites and Turkish delight pieces, I said I was feeling Christmassy didn't I ?! I definitely think iced ginger bread should be an all year round thing. 

-Purchasing Wombats tickets, Fleetwood Mac and Foo Fighters were whey too expensive but I'm so glad The Wombats decided to go on tour and save the day. 

-Treating myself to a collection of new jumpers, I looked in my wardrobe the other day and was shocked to find I don't actually own  a lot of jumpers, most of them are Gareth's so in true Christmas cheer fashion I decided to treat myself to two lovely new knits, some thermal gingham jeggings and a wooly turban. I've been working more hours and so I thought I would treat myself. 

-Mockingjay, I went to see it on Thursday, it blew my mind. I'm so glad it kept close to the book, it's all I could have ever hoped for and more. I can't physically wait another year for the last film to come out, I just can't do it ! 

-Getting 45% in my first ever Uni essay, I passed and I am so chuffed.

-Finally finishing Breaking Bad, I sat for around 5 hours the other day watching it and sketching W.W himself, I was hooked at season 5, but I will say that it shouldn't take you 5 seasons of a TV series to get you into the state of not being able to turn it off. I finally caught the big BB bug but it did take a while. 

How was your Monday ?  


  1. I was tempted by Foo Fighters tickets, but in the end they were just way too expensive!
    I love Breaking Bad, such a good show.
    Bethan Likes

    1. I completely agree with both of those statements!