Ben Howard | I Forget Where We Were

Monday, 24 November 2014

And that's how summer passed oh,the great divide and range of green green grass Oh, maybe it was peace at last, who knew

What can I say? This album, even down to the way it is packaged is perfect, pure Ben Howard perfection. The music has grown up along with him and I can even say that I am glad that he took that break, because the result was so worth it. 

Most of the tracks are laid back and as melodic as the last album, however the lyrics are a lot more thoughtful and even in a way darker. There are some uplifting songs and even a little country thrown in (She Treats Me Well) The lyrics are so poetic but still relatable and I think that's an important part of making an album. The sound is heavier than the acoustic feel of the first album, with just enough vibrato and echo to make you feel like you are in the room with Ben himself. He uses more instruments especially focusing on the bass and backing of the tracks, it is more produced but I like the professional feel after the rough acoustic feel Ben gave to us before hand. 

Focussing on specific tracks it's hard to pick a favourite. I would say that the tracks I prefer a tiny bit over the others are; I forget Where We Were the title of the album and the song that suddenly drops you into the deep end of the album after the ever so happier first two tracks. Time is Dancing the song is upbeat but the lyrics darker than ever, just enough beat to sway to aswell. Conrad have to say if I was to pick one I would pick this beautiful track, heavy on guitars and poetically perfect it is happiness to my ears. 

If you want an album to lie on your bed, do feck all and just to listen for once. I've found you said album, I can't stop praising it and I just think Ben has come so far within two albums it's ridiculous, almost impossible. I urge you all to grab a hot drink, put your cozy attire on, grab a book or a sketch book and listen to the lyrics and the gentle voice twinned with it. 

Oh Ben, you've done it again. 

                                                                   10 moons out of 10


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