A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 12 January 2015

Oh my it feels like a long time ! My laptop decided that because it was Christmas it was going to die off for just a little bit and would only turn on for around 5 minuets at a time, I know everybody likes a holiday Mr Pink (the name I give for my garishly, mistakenly pink laptop) but this was just taking the piddle. So off Mr Pink went to be fixed up (costing me a bomb in the process) and there I was blogless, workless, laptopless. To be honest it was quite nice to have a whole month of just reading books, but I probably 
 would have done that anyway!

Christmas was quiet and allowed me some time to see friends and family and just have a jolly ol' time, me and my Mum literally sat on the sofa all week and stared at films (NowTV boxes are great) But miracles do happen and Mr Pink arrived back on my doorstep this morning so I decided to do an update/Monday post because I have missed blogging so much, I didn't think I would but after around a week of being laptopless, I missed how my fingers sounded tapping on the keyboard (I don't think that's healthy but ah well)

These are the things that have made me particularly happy this Monday/Week/Month:

- Being at home, I know I don't live too far away from Uni but you still get the yearnings for comfort and cats, trust me.
-Getting a dressing gown for Christmas, it's just so fluffy, it's literally all I wanted for Christmas.
-Getting Worcester sauce for Christmas, you know your getting older when you get excited at Lee and Perins as a gift.
- The fact that Gareth loved all of his Christmas presents, I was so scared he wouldn't like them.
-The fact I am still employed even though I was a Christmas temp, yep the retail store I work at have decided to keep me on, maybe until February, maybe longer.
-Being able to learn the guitar, I miss doing gigs and I want to get so good I can start singing on my own.
-A new diary, my ultimately favourite part of January.
-A new wintery themed duvet set, did I mention it's wooly ?!
-Seeing Bombay Bicycle club for the second time, they make my life and they were amazing.

What I have been listening to this Monday/Week/Month:
Catfish and the Bottlemen//The Balcony
Bombay Bicycle Club//Every single song they've written (That's not the name of an album)
Bears Den//Above the Clouds of Pompeii 
Sam Smith//In the Lonely Hour 
Taylor Swift//1989 (I seem to love her at the moment she's my ultimate woman crush)
Sia//Elastic Heart

It's so nice to be back. 
How was your Monday?


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