A Not So Blue Monday

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Yes it is Wednesday and yes I fail at blogging, but these are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-The walk me and Gareth took around the back alleys of Carlisle and the Cathedral, it's such a lovely city, full of huge red brick houses and little nooks and crannys and every time I go on a walk I find something new, for a small city it does have its surprises. 

-Orange is the New Black, I'm obsessed, first season is nearly done and dusted with already!
-Going out with the girls and boys from home and having endless cocktails 
-The fact that Broadchurch second series is already better than the first sereis (I never thought I would say that)
-Meeting up with my best chum Emily before she headed off back down south to uni
-The Theory of Everything, it was amazing, the film was beautiful and so factual and Eddie's acting was so respectful. 

What I have been listening to this week:

Frank Ocean//Channel Orange (I have rekindled my love for this man) 

How was you Monday ?


  1. Orange is the New Black is so good! I am half way through the 2nd season at the moment :)
    I really wanted to see The Theory of Everything but still haven't had a chance.

    Bethan Likes

    1. Aw I know it's my latest obsession and honestly, if you have the time go and see it you wont regret it.