Dear January...

Monday, 12 January 2015

I'm not one for resolutions, I just think they're an evil scheme invented by someone that just wants to be let down forever. I would say only 30% of people who make New Years resolutions commit to them enough to make it to the end (queue statistical student statement) and actually achieve something, it's just a promise you make to yourself that only snowballs into disappointment when you can't achieve your 'target body weight' or your 'be kind to everyone' new outlook on life. The 'new year new me' persona I think is damaging and we would be better off without setting un-reachable targets that we're only going to forget about in a few months time, leading you to kick yourself with the 'I'll try again next year' demeanor.                                                          
That doesn't mean that I don't look into January with a new way of thinking and a positive attitude. I do, I really do. I buy my new diary and write in all the important dates of this year that's like my favourite part but instead of setting myself specific targets and writing them down so I can look back on what I haven't achieved when it rolls around next year; I just say to myself that I am going to improve in every small way possible, I am just going to be an all round better, kinder, healthier person. 2014 contained mostly ups and therefore there's nothing really specific that I want to change, I'm happy with my life and I just want to remain like this, exactly like this just rolling along slowly enjoying every single piece of life (this is getting deep man) but it's true. I think if I did say something I was going to do more of last year was to look around more, try and take more in, appreciate where you are, where you come from and where your going and I think I have done that I am doing it so why change anything ? 

I think the best thing we can do in life is just to try and go as slow and as simple as we can.
No expectations of yourself means no disappointment right ?