Everything's Gone White

Saturday, 31 January 2015

It's that inevitable time of year for Cumbria when we draw back our curtains to find an altered universe all dressed in white, everything stops, classes and jobs get cancelled, people dare to actually go outside without a purpose only to build something that will only last for not even a day and hot chocolates from Starbucks go up in sale. I am fond of snow and still to this day I get a little bubble of excitement when I see those white rooftops, what I am not fond of is snowballs they are the worst invention ever to be made out of something so delicate and beautiful. And when you're trying to take pictures in a park, the last thing you want is little oiks aiming at you! (a message to all you little shits that skipped school to throw snowballs at innocent park dwellers) I loved my little walk in white wonderland and I've chosen some of my best photos to share.

The campus in the morning

It's strange what you find hanging off trees 

Un-touched snow is the best kind of snow

These are a real contrast to the photos I took a few months ago in the same location. 
I really enjoyed my little snowy walk by myself, it was so peaceful (apart from the little shits with snow balls)
Do you enjoy the snow as much as me ?



  1. A dusting of snow makes everything look beautiful!

    A spoon hanging from the tree... I can only imagine why it's there. Haha!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. I know right and oh god, my mind could wander for hours about that!