An Alternate Valentines Day

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Yes this is a kind of, sort of anti Valentine's Day post, just a warning! Since I've been with Gareth (3 years) we've never really been the romantic types, well that's un-fair; we've never been the conventional romantic types. I would certainly prefer a night in with a home cooked meal than a night out in a posh, expensive restaurant and I would definitely prefer a personal, home-made gift than a Pandora charm or MK watch. (This is not shunning people who prefer that by the way they just aren't for my taste) Maybe this is why me and Gareth are Valentine's haters, I think the main thing that I hate about Valentine's day is the commercialization of it all, the pressure people feel to have to buy their loved one a very expensive gift on that very day or they will get looked down on forever. Or the pressure people who are single feel on hating on the world that exact day, like 'you are single you must be in a bad mood all day, you must watch films on your own, you must feel sad, feel sad!' Shops are filled with signs just shouting 'buy this card it's bigger' 'buy this bunch of flowers, they're brighter' 'buy this red lingerie, it's more slimming' I just think it's another day made only to steal people's money for things that are normally vulgarly red and not very much use in any other time of the year. Also my other complete gripe I have with this day is surely if you love someone that much, you don't need to wait for a certain day to come around to shower them with gifts and sweet nothings, it should be all year round. Just the little things all through the year should be enough I don't understand the pressure that people feel to please. That's why when the inevitable moonpig adverts come on the telly and roses go up in price, we hide until it is all over, we get eachother gifts but they're normally incredibly sarcastic, we like to deface cards and laugh at the multiple pictures of rose petals on beds and champagne on facebook. That's what makes our valentines day, other people's sillyness, I'm maybe being a little harsh but come on, you can be just as happy with a takeaway, a film and a glass of wine okay! We also have a tradition of getting a pot noodle on the day and eating it together, we don't know where this came from but we love telling people and watching their faces in confusion. 

I hate Valentine's Day but I love tradition and pot noodles, so I can't be too much of a hater, I don't even know what this post is about, I'm cofused on whether I like this day or not, so you probably are as well. I just think we should maybe dumb it down a little, it should be special, but so should everyday, just saying. 

What are your feelings about Valentine's day?



  1. Great post. My boyfriend and i never really bother with Valentine's Day either, we get each other a card but that's about it! It seems to unnecessary to spend so much money on impressing each other!

    Bethan Likes