Monthly Muses

Monday, 2 February 2015

This month has been full of trying to get warm and trying to get through the hefty work load I have been given. But I have still had time to enjoy myself and spend a little bit of money, here is the result. 

 1, H&M Drop jumper in mustard yellow 

I never really wear incredibly bright colours (yes I would call that bright) I'm more of a monochrome and grey kinda girl. But I bought this jumper sometime last month and can't seem to take it off, it suits my hair, it's so comfortable (what else do you need in a jumper) and a perfect colour for autumn/winter. 

2. Montigue (Monty) The Money Tree

I'm beginning to develop quite the green house in my university room and hopefully Monty might actually grow some money, that would be rather nice. 

3. BooHoo Pinafore dress in black 

The easiest dress to wear over almost anything and perfect for winter when you want to wear a dress but it's too cold outside, just throw a jumper on and wear it on top, I've literally been living in it! 

4. Flow 2015 Diary

I fell in love with this website and when I found out they made annual diaries I had to get one. The design is so pretty and it contains little pictures and places to take notes and oh my it's just so lovely with different patterns for each week and a little envelope in the back to keep things in and oh, did I mention it comes with incredibly cute stickers ?! (I get too excited over organisational equipment) 

5. Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil and pen in Brownie Points

I've been on the search for the perfect eyebrow tint technique and I think I may have found it. The pencil has two sides to it a tinting pen and a pencil to fill in and shape. It makes eyebrows look filled but still natural and that's why I like it so much. The only thing is that the colour is just not quite right for me, not noticeable but not quite right, if they brought out a version for red heads that would be great. 


6. Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Perfector Oil 

Can I just say that this stuff has done wonders to my hair! After washing I pump just 2 of these into my hand and rub it through the ends of my hair. It protects from heat and makes my hair silky smooth and shiny, even when it's curly it looks sleeker, I couldn't praise it enough. You can also use it on dry hair to protect from heat when you're styling which is really useful, as soon as you place the heat on the hair the oil soaks into the hair and instantly dries with the heat. (I'm terrible with descriptions but trust me it's great)

7. Halloumi  Cheese 

Yes this is strange but I can't get enough, being a veggie this is a great meat substitute and is so tasty with any meal or just as a snack. Literally I'm obsessed, had to take an emergency trip to the shop because I had none left, a very unhealthy relationship with a very healthy cheese. 

8. Orange is the New Black 

I started watching this with Gareth at the beginning of last month and we've now almost finished season 1! I can't get enough I love all of the cast and the story line is great. Filled the Breaking Bad shaped hole in my heart and I think I even like  this more.

What have you been loving this month ?


  1. Very cute hair and diary! :)
    Rebecca // xx

    1. Thankyou m'dear, I am in love with your blog btw!