Ray of Sunshine // A Lush Surprise ☼

Friday, 27 February 2015

Last week I was given this little box of lushness as a little surprise from Gareth. I haven't been to Lush since Christmas so I didn't know what scents and fragrances they had in. The box these came in was a bright yellow with smiley suns on (what's not to love) Gareth knows because I live in uni halls I can't use my beloved bathbombs, so he opted for a shower gel pack instead. The pack includes the famous 'olive branch' shower gel, a 'sandstone' soap, a mini sugar scrub and an 'each peach' massage bar. A lovely mix of gentle exfoliation and citrus smells. 

Shower Gel // The Olive Branch 

'A shower gel loaded with Fair Trade olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves: it's like showering in a Mediterranean citrus grove.' 

Yes Lush I agree it is! Even though the gels a little watery the smell makes up for it. The smell takes me back to festival season, to incense and the outdoors, whenever I smell my skin it takes me back to tents and some of the best memories, talk about an emotional connection to a smell! The shower gel is powerful but also really moisturising, I guess it's the oil in the ingredients. The smell also stays on you for ages, you can have had a shower hours ago and you can still smell the citrus on the skin, it might not to be everyone's taste that very powerful smell, but it works for me. 


'An uplifting and skin-smoothing citrus soap, with buckets of sand and a lemony scent to transport you to a tropical beach.' 

I love the smell of this soap it's so fresh (great for hangover showers) The sand in the soap is great for exfoliation, especially dry hands and the it's very durable, it will probably last me a few months or more. 

Sugar Scrub Mini

'Scrub up nicely with this mix of sugar, grated ginger and fresh fennel that brightens, buffs and boosts circulation.'

At first whilst using this I felt the sensation to be really strange and it kind of hurt on the skin, but after abit of practice I've found that scrubbing gently makes all the difference. I use this on the dry patches of my skin like the back of my arms and legs (ew) and it really has done a whole lot of difference. I don't use it often because I don't think it's made for that but it's great for a real pamper night. 

Each Peach (And Two's a Pair)

' A cocoa butter and citrus oil massage bar to make your skin peachy: lime, sweet wild orange, mandarin and grapefruit will leave you energised.' 

This is great for a night of pampering and you can't imagine the smoothness after freshly shaved legs. The smell is amazing and peachy smells are one of my favourites. My advice to you, if you have a significant other ask them to give you a back massage with this, you'll never not use it again!

I think my favourite out of this little box of sunshine is probably the massage bar and the shower gel, just because they're so fresh scented and are really getting me in the mood for spring! I urge you all to buy a little but a lush once in a while, they're so friendly, charitable and not to mention vegan. I hope you enjoyed this little review post, haven't done one in a while.

What's your favourite Lush product?


  1. The Olive Branch is one of my favourite shower gels, it smells amazing and I find it so moisturising :)

    Bethan Likes

    1. Aw me too, I've used up the whole bottle already! oops.