'Your room reminds me of a greenhouse'

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Just before my lovely friend Char walked into my room and acknowledged my plants sitting pretty on the windowsill. She said that my room always reminds her of a greenhouse which made me just well up with so much goodness and pride for my small menagerie of plants. When I think of greenhouses I always think about air and light and freshness and for someone to say that the place in which I inhabit reminds them of somewhere so peaceful and close to nature just makes me beam. It's not that I was aiming to have this kind of plant-zen in my room, but it has appeared to happen and I am not complaining. My flat mates always say that one day I wont be able to get into my room because of the jungle that has grown there! I love them for that, for thinking I'm some kind of mad plant, hippy lady that lives in a jungle, it's the vibe I was going for guys!

I am going to continue to grow my garden until my windowsill can't possibly fit anymore on, I love the feeling of having something living in my room and I do completely and utterly agree that plants give out good vibes, I always feel more positive when I open the curtains to be greeted by these little beauties! Someone the other day told me that apparently were not allowed to have plants in halls (I have no idea why) If that is so I shall fight to the death for my garden/jungle.   

Just a little post about my adoration for anything foliage at the moment. 

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