A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

This week has been filled once again with work, but at least I found the time to fit in a film a night with friends. This semester is nearly over and I have to say the work load is a little ridiculous. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week. 

-An amazing technological appliance called 'Neurosky' In the lab today we got to play with soeme incredible piece of kit that measures your attention span. There were many different apps, some like the one above measured your attention and also your meditation levels, this app allowed you to actually see your concentration and actually how much time you focus on one particular thing. My result came up as 'scatter brain' because my lines were always crossing, I couldn't concentrate on one thing because I had multiple things on my mind. The next thing we went on was a game in which you had to help an ant move a piece of fruit into a hole with only your brain, easy you say? You, like me thought wrong I was terrible, again because I can't concentrate on one thing for too long. This piece of technology blew my mind (literally from trying to concentrate too much) it's beginning to be used in amputation procedures where people can actually have robotic hands and hook their attention to the hand to move it! That's just amazing and I am so lucky to be able to have a go with this stuff it was an experience and a half and now I want one. Psychology nerd, out!

-The ending to Orange is the New Black was so amazingly done and (no spoilers) warmed my heart a little bit. 

-The fact that Gareth loved his birthday present and that made me happy more than anything, I bought him a Crosley Cruiser vinyl record player and the new Bombay Bicycle Club album on vinyl and I have to say, I was very close to keeping them. 

-The bar we found hidden in a little alleyway, it did the best cocktails and it also does hookahs, think I might have to become a regular. 

-The lovely Skype conversation I had with  my best chum Emily it was so nice to see her face!

-The Lush cleanser and new plant combo I had to buy after a horrible day of work (who said retail therapy doesn't exist)

-The fact I finally ordered some film for my Polaroid and it will arrive any day now. 

What I have been listening to:

Years ad Years everything! Seriously his voice is un-real, this acoustic version is just sheer perfection

How was your Monday?

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