Finding My New Favourite Place

Thursday, 12 March 2015

On Wednesday afternoon Gareth and I decided to have a little wander around the backstreets of Carlisle to see if we could maybe find a new interesting thing to possibly call our new favourite place. We hit jackpot, an old church filled top to bottom with vintage clothing and knick-knacks, safe to say I was happy! The church setting was the perfect place for this little gem, hidden away with just enough sign postage to attract locals but keep away the tourists. It sells vintage women's and men's clothing for reasonable prices and also has small stalls  in contrasting colours and themes, some of vintage knick-knacks and some of homemade crafty things that people make for an extra bit of money. I have my eye on a few things for when payday comes around, but the lady who owns the shop was more than happy to let us just have a look around. I swear we were in there for a good hour, there were just so many things to look at, it was like a free museum! It also had it's own vinyl section!  oh my I was in ultimate heaven, I've missed that feeling of fingers flicking through fuzzy, dog eared records. I took some photos on Gareth's phone but they are not the best, so I apologize now for the glary, graininess you're about to see, but if you are ever up in Carlisle this place is really worth a look around. And did I mention there's a tea room, if that hasn't got you sold I don't know what will!

Here is the link to their Facebook page 
Now I'm off to save up for like the whole of this shop!


  1. This shop is my dream! I will have to go there oe day!!