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Monday, 2 March 2015

First, lets all acknowledge this beautiful terrarium Gareth made me with his bare hands, I am in awe of it. Now, I have decided to begin a 'songs for//' series, which is blatantly what the title explains. I will be creating playlists for occasions, feelings and months. I have such an expansive music taste and creating these monthly playlist posts has allowed me to listen to new music more and more, so I'm going to expand this post idea into other things, so yeah, lots more music posts on this blog hopefully. 

The songs I have been listening to this month have all been new(ish), a big hip hooray to me for reaching out of my comfort zone and listening to new music and not all the same albums. It's been a pretty sparce month for albums, but a good one for singles. Florence's new song came out, which I've had on repeat since the say it arrived on the radio waves I am so so so happy she is back, Florence makes my life better. Also The Wombats are back and their new song is just the same style as their old stuff which I am so happy about because I really don't think The Wombats need a change of genre to musically grow, I'm also so excited to be seeing them in April! I've been a little obsessed with George the Poet recently, his lyrics are just mind blowing and the song I've put on this playlist is so incredibly emotive, it builds up so gradually to such a high emotional altitude, I must admit I had tears in my eyes the first time I listened to this song. James Bay has come so far since I met him last year, I love his music so much and he is just a genuinely nice guy with a kick ass fedora! So proud of all he's accomplished. I particularly love this playlist and I've listened to it nearly every single day. I hope you enjoy it too. 

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  1. Will be giving this playlist listen to, I'm always on the lookout for new songs and artists/bands!

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