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Monday, 16 March 2015

Sometimes, especially around this time of year it all gets a little too much for us all, be it exams, essays, deadlines or just work or personal problems sometimes you can just feel like it's all getting on top of you. That's how I feel right now, just a little bit. I know I shouldn't be complaining about stress because I'm only in my first year of uni and apparently it gets much, much harder but what can I say, I'm a stressy person, always have been, but it's how I seem to cope. 

I believe that there are two outcomes that need to be assessed for stress, either you drop everything and relax for a while, have a bath, have a cup of tea all that, or you work through the stress, using it to your advantage to spur you on to the end. I'm definitely the second one, I have always needed that extra push to get through problems big or small. With this in mind I have composed two playlists, one for the people that can't cope with stress at all and just need to relax and unwind and the other for people that find stress helpful and drive through it until they reach the end.

The calming playlist is taken straight from my itunes (in alphabetical order I have you know) and contains the likes of Ben Howard, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bon Iver etc. (All the B's) I selected these songs because I find at my most stressful times when I can't even cope with ploughing through the problem that they help immensely and just bring you back down to earth completely with their acoustical, (most of them are acoustic) melodic tones. I advise you maybe to listen to this in the bath (if you have one that is, damn student halls!) or even whilst your doing the work that's stressing you out or reading a book. 

The next playlist I created is for the 'keep calm and carry on' types, well mostly carry on because the music in this playlist is upbeat, heavy and I made sure that the lyrics reflect motivation and the inclination to succeed. It contains the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and just a little bit of Led Zepplin for when you feel like falling asleep on your assignments. Listen to this while doing the work or task that's stressing you out or even I've found doing housework helps as well, channel that inner stress into something worthy. 

P.s Spotify have decided to get rid of there 'embed code' option, which is great for us bloggers, cheers spotify! Really thanks, I've just spent nearly two hours trying to find the code from somewhere (ended up having to post it on tumblr btw) lets all just message spotify so we can bring that back shall we! Think I need to go and lie down and listen to my 'Keep Calm' playlist, I hope you enjoy!

What do you listen to when you're stressed ?


  1. Some amazing songs here! You can't beat a bit of the cure!! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thank you and I agree completely, nothing abit of The Cure can't fix!