A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 27 April 2015

Well lets just say that this week has been strange. First of all the money I took from the cash machine in Newcastle still hasn't arrived back into my account, which is a real worry because I could really use the money right now. Which leads me onto my second point, I'm down on my student loan to pay for my accommodation which is really stressing me out because I've passed the first deadline from the Uni, roll on pay day! Thirdly on Wednesday my friends and I went for a run and were viciously attacked by 11 year old youths! I say viciously attacked, they said they were going to hit us but just tried to pull my pony tail and then ran away, but it was still slightly emotionally traumatised that children of that age seem to have no hope for the future because they were already being so violent  at that age, it's fair to say that I gave them a strongly worded speech about their future choices I don't think it was well received. Customers were horrible to me at work, more horrible than usual and my mood has genuinely been pretty low and stressful because of this. Lets just say I am incredibly glad it's Monday and a fresh week rears it's pretty head. Even though it's been strange there have been things that have made me particularly happy, here they are:

- My first year of University is over and done with and I have left it with a pretty good grade that I am proud of. There is room for improvement but I'm very very happy with my grade seems as I was doing a photography course last year and this is a completely different ball game. 

- I had my first Pizza Express and I was not at all disappointed, I love thin crust pizzas and buffalo mozzarella. What could go wrong? And also they give you a box to take your unfinished pizza home for leftovers and as a poor student, I'm always up for leftovers. 

- A beautiful full English breakfast (minus the bacon) at Foxes Cafe my all time favourite place in Carlisle. Their vanilla milkshakes are the best things in the actual world (not at all an over exaggeration) 

- Twin Peaks, I'm a little obsessed with a Mr Dale Cooper oh. my. goodness. I know the program is now a little dated, but the plot is so unique and I just love the surrealness of it all and the fact that it's creepy but not too creepy so you can still watch it after it gets dark. 

For someone with no money I seem to have eaten out a lot this week, oops! 
Lets hope next week is a bit more positive. 
How was your Monday?


  1. I hope your next week will be better. What young kids do these days scares me sometimes... X

    1. I hope so too, thank you and I know it's terrifying to think they're that confrontational now. What are they going to be like in a few years time!