Monthly Muses

Thursday, 9 April 2015

This month has been full of deadlines and planning for the summer (total excitement btw) The sun's now mostly out and spring is in the air, which means for me hay fever is also in the air! But I'm not complaining, it's been winter for too damn long. Shall we crack on?

1. New-Look Turtle Neck in Grey 

Ah the 70's what even was that time? I don't even know because I wasn't born! However I have fallen in love with this little piece of 70's, reliving my Dad's extremely vast collection of turtle necks. I like to wear this under things, because it's quite tight I don't think I would wear it without something on top of it, it's a great way in the colder months to be able to wear your summer slip dresses that are just too skimpy for the bitter winds of the north. It also goes great with just a plain pinafore dress and I also like to layer a few necklaces on top. 

2. Smiling Mind Meditation App 

This has changed my stress life, seriously. It's just a free download from the app store but by Jove it's brilliant! It basically gives you meditative routines that you can do anywhere, which help you focus on your breathing and just your body and mind in general, it's basically a less complicated form of Mindfulness. It stands by the ethos that if you have a smiling mind the rest of the world will smile with you too, which I was a little skeptical about really and I wouldn't really go as far as saying the rest of the world also smiles with me, but what I will say is that during a stressful month 5-10 minute meditations after a long day has done me the world of good and I think I may have fallen in love with the gentle voiced Australian man who guides me through my meditation! It's a calm app and doesn't give you pushy notifications to remember to use it, it's just always there on your phone when you need it. 

3. Soap & Glory Lid-Stuff Eyeshadow 

For as long as I can remember I have never been able to find the perfect, everyday eye shadow. All I asked for in life was an easy, blend-able, muted colour eye shadow which I could wear almost everyday and not get bored. Well my friends, I appear to have found it, I just love the colours in this palette, I tend to use the top two lighter colours (Vanilla & Pink T) when pairing it with a cat eye look and then if I want a more smokey but still natural look I will apply the bottom left colour (Mudhoney) into the crease, then when I'm going out I will also layer the look with the bottom right hand colour (Aubersheen) to give a heavier smokey eye. This description shows just how durable this palette is, I mentioned three different looks there from just a four colour palette. I also love the packaging, a bulky but not big case to protect the shadows on the move. The statement on the back also makes me chuckle:

 'We chose not to include a cheap spongy shadow brush, because not only would it drive the price of this palette up, we thought you'd rather opt for a proper one' 

Cheers S&G !

4. Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Flash Extensions Mascara HD 

As you can probably tell I have seen the light with Soap & Glory makeup finally! This is due to the quality and price of the products which I find dare I say (shock horror) is better than Benefit and also due to the ethics of the cosmetics. After doing some research I found some terrifying truths about links to most cosmetics sold at Boots and animal testing which caused me to re-think the products in my makeup bag. Soap & Glory have been found to be completely clean of using animal tested products and as a result I bulk bought lots of their cosmetics range. I will be doing a bigger blog post on my Soap & Glory collection and why I chose to re-think my makeup bag, soon (possibly). 

This mascara though, oh my goodness! It's re-designed my eyelashes in a way I'd never imagined, just two coats of this stuff extends my eyelashes probably 10x more than their natural length. I also have to say that I had to spend 50p extra for the packaging, because gold (I'm not materialistic at all) but the mascara is also worth it. It's also great for lasting a whole day of work with no smudges or panda eyes underneath. The only thing I must say is it's not terribly waterproof so stay away from bad weather and puddles and all that. 

5. Lush 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

After a particularly difficult day at work (customer service is hard sometimes when you hate other human beings) I decided to cheer myself up and pop into Lush I needed a new bathbomb for going home the week after and I just fancied a look at the Easter stuff, but what I returned home with was something much more necessary than a bathbomb. A very lovely girl came up to me and on a whim I asked her if she had anything that removed makeup because I was low on cleansing water and wanted something more ethically sourced. She pointed me in the direction of the ever so famous cleanser 'Ultralism' which I liked but wanted something more versatile so I ended up choosing the '9 to 5' everyday cleanser. The nice girl though gave me a small pot of the 'Ultralism' for free! Which she didn't have to do and I am so grateful for, I still need to try the 'Ultralism' properly but I appear to be pretty content with this particular cleanser right now. I use this every night or just whenever I need to take my makeup off. I rub it all over my face, even my eyes because it's great at removing mascara and use a warm, wet cotton wool pad to remove, it sweeps the makeup off effortlessly and doesn't leave any red marks. I definitely think this stuff will be living above my sink for a very long while. 

Honestly, if ever you have a hard day, pop into Lush on a whim, it's the best cure for people allergies! 

6. Gone Girl (DVD)

After reading the book (which was fantastic btw and a blog post will be up about it soon) I was scared to see the film in case it completely ruined it for me. But I shouldn't have been worried because I enjoyed every heart racing second of it. Fight Club is my all time favourite film and David Fincher is one of my all time favourite directors so good start for all! I love how the film captured all the tension and twists and turns of the book and didn't leave any important parts of the plot out. The actors Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck were a brilliant choice for Nick and Amy and actually when I think about it all the other characters were well suited too especially Neil Patrick Harris as Desi which I never thought I would say. From a media point of view Fincher's tracking shots and cool colour palette really added to the tension and eeriness of the setting and you can really tell that Gillian Flynn herself was on set the whole time because the settings I had in my mind when reading the book were almost exactly the same as the film. I would even say this film might join Fight Club in my all time favourites. What I will say though is if you are wanting to watch the film, please read the book first because you would be missing out on a really great read and once you know what happens you just can't un-know it!

It really has been a month for cosmetics, phew!
What have you been loving this month?



  1. So I am definitely downloading Smiling Mind. Sounds like something I will need to take some stress out of my life which is almost inevitable (damn yee final projects at uni!)

    1. Honestly it's absolutely brilliant, just a session once a night can make such a difference to your stress levels!