Over Easter

Thursday, 23 April 2015

This is just a little update about what I got up to over the Easter holidays. Half was spent with family and the other half spent with friends, which I find to be a perfect divide. I just took it easy over Easter and drank lots of wine and watched lots of shit telly, that's how you do it! 

The first week of Easter I spent in Scotland with my Family from Ireland. It was a lovely part of Scotland that we went to, just on the border around 2 hours away from Carlisle but you could still feel the Scottish vibes everywhere you went. We rented out a lovely quaint cottage called 'Woodpecker Cottage' which was in a small village called Bladnoch, this was close to where the film The Wickerman was made, which gave it an almost creepy but interesting vibe. On the first day me and my Mum just had the cottage to ourselves so we went for a long walk and when I say long, it was almost 5 hours! But it was a great walk with a lovely view a little bleak and creepy but lovely. On the second day we went up a windy hill to see a windy chapel which was well; windy. The third day we went on a nature walk by a dam and a loch (I hate dams by the way) but it was still lovely and the weather was really nice (the only day the weather was actually nice). The fourth day we went to a little colourful town which kind of reminded me a bit of 'Balamory' but there were some amazing vintage and antique shops there and I picked up many many bargains. I fell in love with an old traffic light that still worked, but alas I wouldn't have been able to carry it home. That day we also visited a windy lighthouse on top of a very, very high windy cliff which was a little too high for me I have to say, especially if you're a fast walker and don't look around corners until there's a huge drop below you! No I am not over exaggerating I almost fell off a cliff, that'll teach me not to walk fast when around steep cliffs. We also took many windy family photos, but they are just too embarrassing to publish on the internet we are all dripping wet, wind swept and look completely miserable but we did have a great ol' time. On the last day we visited another nature reserve and the weather was also lovely and I sampled Galloway icecream which is amazing by the way. We also visited St Ninnian's cave where the final scene of The Wickerman was filmed and it is also refuge for Christian Pilgrims that come far and wide to see the cave where the St used to pray, it was a very interesting place. 

My holiday in Scotland was lovely and it was wonderful to see my Irish side of the family because we don't see them that often. And because the weather was mostly terrible we spent most of our holiday with our feet up in front of the log fire, drinking wine and catching up. It was great. Here are a selection of photos from Scotland (they really don't show how bad the weather actually was though)

The second week I spent mostly with friends having a catch up and going out, it was great. Halfway through the week it was our friend Adam's birthday so we told him we were going on a surprise journey and took him to the Lake District for a picnic, the scenery was breath taking and our picnic was amazing, we even brought pizza; I think now pizza in the lake district is a must! We sat on the beach by the lake all afternoon listening to Kings of Leon and skimming stones, it was so picturesque it was like something out of a film. Adam had a lovely day and that was all we wanted. We also had many a catch up in front of the telly with wine, which I appear to be doing a lot of lately, oh well it's the best way to be!

How were your Easter holidays ?