Songs for // March

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sorry to confuse you but the vinyl isn't new, I'm just so mega mega excited about going to the see The Wombats on Sunday and I like the colour palette of the record and the ipod, just took this picture for the 'ambiance' really. Anyway here is the music I have found throughout the month of March, I'm having a little love affair with Years and Years at the moment and I am just too excited that Florence and Mumford are back, oh and don't forget Muse, everyone's decided to musically rise from the dead all at once! I also came across a brilliant band called Seafret who are like a mixture of Kodaline and Mumford and to make everything better Maisie Williams is in their video for 'Oceans'. There is also a a small band called Aquilo who are from the Lake District which is really close to me (oh so proud) and some more wonderful new delights such as Jack Garret who I am actually in love with (I really must stop saying I'm in love with things and people) and SOAK a 16 year old singer song writer 16...Years...Of...Age. I have nothing else to say. I hope you enjoy!


What's been your favourite song this month?

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