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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Only recently I have found my ultimate love for S&G and now my collection is getting quite out of hand. I thought I would write a post, but not reviewing the products individually, reviewing the brand itself because I am in love with everything S&G do honestly they are good people! 

I was at first en-captured by a S&G product around this time last year, it was a shower gel and it smelled like Heaven in a bottle. I do realise that I am incredibly late to the bandwagon with these products, this I blame on my local Boots store as all their S&G products are stored upstairs and until last year I didn't even know there was an upstairs! Cheers Boots for telling me you had a second floor. I bought the shower gel (obviously because it smelled like heaven) and that's where my love for S&G grew. I then asked my Mum for a S&G gift set for Christmas which I got, thank you Mum. The set contained a small 'clean on me' shower gel, some 'hand food 'and 'heel genius' and some 'righteous butter' which were all re-bought later on after they were used up and I even bought a full pot of 'Righteous butter' because I loved it so much. I then went on to buy from their make up counter and the rest is history, I think I will now only buy S&G products for the rest of my life (okay fangirl). 

But why do I love these products so much?

Well there are many reasons, the first being the ethics behind the brand and their views on how they test their products. I have recently decided to go extreme and completely boycott all products that test on animals and have ingredients that do, which I will write about in greater detail in another post. When I found out that almost a quarter of the cosmetics brands in Boots test their products on animals I had a mini panic that I may have to get rid of all my S&G products, but thankfully they are a company that have their heads screwed on and completely boycott animal testing themselves, yeyy!
If you want to have a look at this evidence yourself you can go to their FAQ on their website where they state that "we can confidently state that all of our formulations are safety and efficacy tested on people. (Although you might argue about that if you’d seen the condition of some of their feet. YEEEESH. ) " Oh my, a cosmetics brand actually made a joke, they must be real people too! But in all seriousness this company is the real deal when it comes to cruelty free products and it's so liberating to find cosmetics that are such good quality and have a cruelty free sticker. 

I also love the packaging of S&G products, the little materialist inside me always starts stirring when I see the beautiful packaging and the vintage-style art work on the front. I'm not a fan of pink but if it's a S&G product I can tolerate it because it fits with the vintage style and general theme of the product. I love the names equally as well, I would love to have the job of naming S&G products, I think that might be my dream job. Who comes up with names like 'orangeasm' please, please can I be your friend ?!

Even with all the beautiful branding and clean-cut, expensive look, the products aren't actually that bad in price and for the such good quality aswell. I would say that the 'supercat' eyeliner I own is the best I liner I have ever tried out, I can go on the messiest night out, come home at 5am, look in the mirror and my eyeliner will still be intact, amazing! Also the smell of all the shower gels is just something you ever smell in any other shower gel. This is because S&G only use natural ingredients which you can really tell, I have caught myself many times trying to eat the products, especially the 'whipped clean' shower butter which is flavoured with pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla, I don't know about you but I would definitely think about eating that on a day to day basis, I kind of do. 

I hope you have enjoyed my little preach about S&G, I seriously can't get enough of them, I think it's maybe time to try the pale people bronzer for summer or a lipstick next. I love this new product adventure I'm going on and I don't think I would ever get bored of this brand, they have too much going for them, I mean shower gels that you feel like you need to eat, come on now!

I would like to know your opinions on S&G and whether you are as much of an enthusiast as me.


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