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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Because Carlisle is a pretty small city, there will always be that one place you go back to for food and drink, Foxes is that place for me. I first stumbled across this little cafe when I went to an open mic night one evening with a friend, this is before I started uni and after that one night we would go every Friday and sing a few songs. So I knew when I moved to Uni this would be a favourite place of mine, since then I have taken everyone I know here and they all love it equally. Every time we go shopping now, it is a must to stop off at Foxes for nachos and a milkshake. I at first need to apologise for the terrible camera quality, all these photos were taken on my phone because I am too much of a wimp to bring my larger camera to public eating places, sorry.   

The place is decorated in a really quirky way with an overall foxy theme. The floors, tables and banisters are wooden and in the corner there are leather sofas in case you don't want a meal and just want to chill with a drink. There are multiple things on the walls like guitars and even two bicycles and many signs with funny, quirky quotes. There are fox themed cushions everywhere, fox pictures and even children's books on the back of the dining chairs that are also fox themed. 

Because the cafe also hosts open mic and movie nights regularly, there is a lot of sound equipment around and guitars and ukuleles on the walls. They don't get in the way though, the amps just add to the musical ambiance and there's nothing better than sipping a milkshake surrounded by musical instruments while Johnny Cash and John Lennon play through the speakers. The  menu at Foxes is pretty small, making the quality better and they don't seem to offer chips (which I personally like because it makes their food different from the rest) They offer an all day breakfast quirkily named 'The Full Fox' and a beautiful veggie breakfast called 'The Herbivore' I completely recommend that by the way. They also do sandwiches, burgers, baked potatoes, soup and salad which all have veggie options. Their drinks are what they are known for though, from their famous Berry D smoothie which contains every single berry known to man to my ultimate favourite the vanilla milkshake; yes it's boring for some but it is the only milkshake I will drink and foxes makes it so special, served in a milk bottle with a squirt of cream, delicious! And to make things better they also do their own blend of coffee, I'm not a coffee drinker myself but Gareth recommends it thoroughly. They have also just began to do takeaways for drinks, which makes it to easy after a hard day of work to pop into Foxes and grab a milkshake, mmm. 


  Since last year the Cafe has grown in popularity and you can tell from the vibe when you walk in there now. They have had to hire more staff by popular demand and the people they hire are so, so friendly, it's like walking into a home with friends. They recognise their regulars and make normal, friendly conversations, nothing forced and you can really tell that they love their jobs. Foxes also have quite a large following online, with their twitter and instagram feed shown on a television in the cafe. You can follow them here and here if you are local and would like to try their food. 

I love this place, I can't keep away, I don't know if it's the friendly atmosphere, the music playing or the food and drink. I think it might be all of the above really. I urge you if you are local to Carlisle to pop down and sample some of the things they have on offer, you won't be disappointed.

Ten moons for you Foxes. 

          ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽  

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